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January 30, 2014 - Cm6369

Horrible Company

I had applied there when the store in my area first opened and i never got a call, so i applied again when i noticed they were hiring, and i got a call right away, and in the interview was told it would be full time ours and everything, so i left my other good paying job for a new experience in something i thought i would like more. Boy was i wrong, first in training, they never showed us the employee entrance which is hidden from guests outside the building, and of course my first shift was 5 HOURS after they ended our training class, and i was late due to no one showing us the entrance. so then after about 2 weeks of working there, no one knew my name. Literally, standing there, and someone was looking at the clip board with the break schedule on it and they said hey its this persons break, and everyone else was “who’s that”. So disappointing. Now fast forward to now, i am still there but i was told i would be going down to part time hours, so i got my old job back and was going to do both places, so when they got me to update my availability, they flipped because i was only going to be able to go to part time hours and they looked me in the face and said the managers would have to have a meeting together to discuss if they really want me there or not or if they could get something better. like who does that. Now its sad, i have been calling in sick my past few shifts because i feel so sickened to be there. it took everything i had not to tell the manager who said that to me off.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    ...or you could tell them manager off and record it and upload it to youtube. 🙂

    • Hate_Me says:

      Yeah, fuck your manager. Who gives a shit, anyway? Target "bosses" are just a bunch of loser-ass morons who can't get a real job managing anything with any sort of significance whatsoever. You really think that an actual, caring company would hire these fuck-sticks? No. Because these fuck-sticks are dumbasses who probably wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between their I.Q. score and SAT score...assuming they even attended high school. You should seriously tell your manager off. I've done it plenty of times--cussing and everything--and I somehow held onto my job for 5 years until I quit. Or you can go the passive-aggressive route and send anonymous hate mail to your store, with the "Attention" to the people you hate most. This is always fun, because...well, fuck them, that's why.

  • buymeamovie1st says:

    Never quit ANYTHING FOR TARGET up to and including heroin


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