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December 18, 2014 - HP2114

Hire more cashiers!

So since Christmas is almost here, most stores have more check out lanes open, right? Haha, not at Target. My store has 14 lanes, 4 of them being express lanes. During the middle of the day on a Saturday or Sunday, there’s only FOUR cashiers! Seriously??!! And even when the evening rolls around and it gets a little less busy, they are still having to call for backup every two seconds. I was up on a cashier lane for an hour, an hour I could have been zoning and finishing my pulls. But no, I had to go up for backup every 5 minutes because no one else responded on the damn walkie. I’ve never ┬áseen an LOD go up for backup, I think they should since they don’t do anything else. But honestly, you would think target would want to get people checked out as quickly as possible, but I suppose that would make too much sense for this shit hole.


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  • sadboy says:

    Remember some LOD's think they're all that or they have been never been trained as a cashier before.

  • buttsforsale says:

    Yeah this happens at my Target too, 0808. It's absolutely ridiculous. I think in my entire time working there, going on 3 months now, I've seen 1 LOD ever run up to help check people out. And the damn LODs don't like to answer calls even if they're on the floor...or assist customers who press the buttons...or fucking anything when the other team members are busy! Fuck being called "team members". Hardly seems much of a team the way they do it.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Things are different at the store I'm at; however, they don't like to give pregnant employees like myself their breaks on time and like to push people with medical conditions past their limits. Why? To "prevent line backups" or some other BS like that. I've told several supervisors about my needing those breaks on time because I need them for snacks or something so I don't get light-headed. There are always plenty of cashiers scheduled during the busy times however, and it is very easy to get a backup for 15-30 min while someone's on break if necessary. Screw being a "team" member at Target, this crap isn't worth a barely above minimum wage pay grade!

    • Silverfox says:

      on the bright side they can't keep people

      • rainprincess64 says:

        It's stupid because my parents told me to "suck it up" and that I am in no spot to say no to jobs because I'm pregnant... LOL! Target just sucks and so does their way of doing things. They would be horrified if they knew how they threaten employees (even team leads) with their jobs when they say they might need a wheelchair for a while thanks to a bad foot injury. Funniest part of all? The HR manager at my store had a high risk pregnancy and was in a wheelchair... for 6 months! If employees need perfectly reasonable medical accommodations, oh my it's worth firing over but if a MANAGER gets something, they suddenly must have their needs met. It's absolutely ridiculous. I refuse to put up with their BS anymore, even if it means they terminate me for bogus reasons.

  • sbzero546 says:

    Omg the ETL's here in Chicago are like that. They would ring up like 2 guests or maybe three. And then when they have had enough call one of the SF team members to take over lol. Oh sorry ETL is standing in one spot for 3 min hard for you. Smh plz!


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