Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 29, 2020 - ih8myself



So I’ve been working at target for a horrendous 6 months now solely because I am a broke college student needing to pay rent. It has been a tumultuous 6 months where I have gotten the worst humanity has to offer. I may not be the best with attendance because I have mental health problems that cause me to miss shifts sometimes. I do not let it impede on my productivity because I care for my coworkers and not Target itself.

Antyways, one example of how ridiculous this place is: we had a person work at Starbucks, and they would show up intoxicated or bring alcohol in a bottle to drink at work. This person would get blackout drunk and make the others feel very very uncomfortable. Our team leads did not fire this person because each time the team member was confronted they would make up a sob story (we have found out recently that they straight up lied every time) and be forgiven. It wasn’t until they were no call/no shows 3 days that they were fired. Upon hiring a new Asian employee, neither team leads had given the newbie their training schedule and did not know when to show up. They ended up doing only 2 no call/no shows, and they were fired without warning. That’s fucked up y’all!! They let that white drunkard keep coming back but they failed to communicate with the Asian hiree and fired them!!

I am a homophobe. Anyways, I know they fucking up other folks in other departments but this is just one, and can I say I H A T E target and greedy corporations.


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  • ih8myself says:

    Okay I don't know how "I am a homophobe" ended up in this paragraph which doesn't make sense because I'm gay

  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    That’s Tarshit for you lazy with firing and lazy with the communication. But also that employee should asked for schedule instead of waiting for Tarshit to give it to them.


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