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August 13, 2018 - JoelTLOU

Guest Service all the guests in your department or get coached!

My store is going crazy with the guest service on the foor.

Ever since this year started, everything that I used to like in my store has been going to hill because of our leadership. I’m a Beauty Team Member, and all my Team Leaders expect me to Guest Service EVERYBODY without missing anybody and if I do, I will get coached!

I cannot move from Cosmetics at all. If I do I get coached for everything I have to have someone covering my area. They want me to also say on the walkie like announcing EVERYBODY that I need to go to the bathroom, so someone comes and cover me.

Now my department is a piece of crap now. It’s not what it used to be before, I used to have everything clean, with all my fixtures, Backroom reports were always with less that 10 errors, I would have always truck finished and fully backstocked. Outs less that 100, one time 29 outs all cosmetics, price change up to date. Just everything you could think of was always almost perfect and finished.

Now they expect me to finish my push in only 3 hours! From 8-11 of course I can’t finish it all the times, I can once in a while but backstocked keeps accomulating and nobody helps. I have spoke with everybody, Team Leaders, my ETL and even STL. Seems it’s not important because “guest service is now more important” crap, yet they get pissed because there’s a lot of errors in the system.

We had this training also on sales and it was clearly stated that we’re not supposed to make guests feel uncomfortable with us trying to sell them. They even said themselves approach 30% of our guests, not all of them, but we’re still get coachings and some people CCA like myself, I alralready have 11 coachings and one CCA. I’ve been working at Target for 6 years and prior 2018 I never got coached at all.

Everybody is so pissed with so many coachings, but mostly Beauty, electronics and Softlines, they’re all over us. They even say the spy on us to make sure we’re doing our Guest Service interactions, and I even believe they watch us on cameras.

Are there any other stores this bad and strict as hell?

I’m so stressed out that I even feel tension headaches at the end of my shifts because of those observations they supposedly make (spying on us). All the time, I feel like they’re always watching me. This is not right, I’m even considering therapy for this stress. In all my years I never felt like this.


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  • Redcardsuck says:

    Yeah they enforced it at our store in the beginning, even started coaching people about it. But I think they realized no work was getting done so they've gotten more laid back about it. I have severe anxiety myself and I never approach guests. There's too much to do to engage with every single person. I'm sorry but I'm not there to be a socialite it's a job I'm there to work lol


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