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November 10, 2013 - saturnfreaker

Got fired because of an accidental no-call no-show

I worked for flow.  2 weeks ago, I misread my schedule due to mixing up the weeks, and I thought I was off on a Saturday.  As a direct result, I did not show up, nor did I call in because I thought I was off.  The next morning on Sunday, I was talked to by an LOD.  He told me I would be given a warning and not to do it again.  End of story, right?  WRONG.  2 weeks later (today), I go into work and called back into an office room by the ETL and terminated because of the no-call, no-show.Here is why this is so stupid…

– It was a one-time occurrence.

– It was a pure, honest, human mistake.

– I was explicitly told I would be given a WARNING.

– I was terminated 2 WEEKS after being given the so-called “warning.”

– I ALWAYS worked on days I was called in.

– I worked even on days I was technically unavailable, just to help other employees who badly needed a shift covered.


Yes, I am an adult who understands that I made a mistake, so spare me the bullshit about “No-call, no-shows affect the workload and strain on the team.”  I am fully aware of this.  It’s the fact that I was a good employee, was given a mere warning, and then terminated 2 weeks after-the-fact.  I don’t exactly want to fight this, but I feel like I should.

Any thoughts?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Nobody on this site is going to stick up for tarshit's attendance policy. I'm sure they will tell you that somebody wanted you gone and this was just an excuse to get rid of you.

  • Barytone says:

    I don't know if this is Target's official policy, but at my store it would take 3 NCNS's for you to get fired…

    For the first NCNS you get coached and put on a 6-month probationary period.

    If you have another NCNS within that period, you get a final warning and an additional 12-month probationary period.

    You will get terminated if another NCNS happens during that probationary period.

    • TargetSucks says:

      I'm sure it also depends on the state. Many states allow at-will employment, so people can quit or be fired for any reason. If your state is not an at-will state, they need to prove a paper trail.

    • saturnfreaker says:

      I just re-read my Team Member Handbook, and it looks like 3 NCNS's is Target's official policy. Here it is word-for-word.

      Page 22 says:

      "If you are absent three scheduled days in a row without calling your leader, the ETL-Human Resources or the leader on duty, you will be considered to have voluntarily terminated your employment with Target."

      I was told by the logistics (flow) ETL that, "Based on [my] availability and performance, this will be [my] last day."

      The team members that I talked to and conversed with on-the-job were all nice, wonderful people who always thanked me and recognized me for jobs well-done. Now it REALLY sounds like someone just wanted me gone (probably my ETL), and he/she just found some excuse to get rid of me.

      Should I write to Corporate Compliance and Ethics about this?

      • viciousdave says:

        If you need the job, yes. If you don't need it, no. But overall if you were hired within a seasonal job or just the starting 90 days, I don't know, maybe you're a few years in at Target. But if they see bad things happen within the first 90 days, they usually just fire and don't give a big enough reason. Reality is they just wanted to keep there guys and not a guy who did one thing wrong. If you were there for a year or more for Target, than I would strong hold and speak with head quarter staff directly over the phone. 1-800-828-5850.

        • saturnfreaker says:

          I was 3 days shy of my 90 days. I have been applying to jobs and listing Target as a past job because I feel like I need to. It's retail experience regardless of whether I was terminated or not. I just don't want to send in a letter about how I think their policies are unethical and contradictory and burn that bridge. I have thought about sending an anonymous letter...

          • Angry_Bastard says:

            87 days is still within their probation period and your store decided that is was now-or-never to strike. For a horseshit reason at that. And it's really sad that it went down that way for you. The bridge was torched from the moment of your firing, so I say that you should write that letter.

  • Integritymybullseye says:

    No call no show is a win win for Tarcrap. First it cuts payroll hours (which saves sending drones home early). Then some LOD can give out ---VERBULL---warnings which they will deny later.

  • ohiogal911 says:

    I guarantee it they were looking for any excuse to get rid of you....they fired me for punching in early...never got a warning or nothing....take your unemployment from these bastards as all as you can....

  • pianolover20 says:

    You got fired because you no call no showed in your first 90 days. One of my friends just had the same thing happen to him a few days ago. He didn't come in for his shift on his 89th day. So no they weren't firing you just because they didn't like you. The first 90 days is the probationary period, and you would learn at your 90 day review that that's when they officially welcome you to the team. They can fire you for any valid reason in the first 90 days. Unless you live in Montana, you live in an "employment at will" state, which means they can fire you for any reason and don't have to put a reason on paper. So basically anywhere you work has the 90 day probationary period, and you should know about it by now. It's not Target's fault that you misread your schedule. That's on you. Sorry.


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