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September 7, 2012 - suckittarget

Go to hell Target guests.

Okay so..I worked for these bastards for a little over a year I was hired as a hardlines worker. And of course for all the slave work I do they gave me a 10 cent raise. fucking a dime. What the hell kinda raise is that? I should sue for emotional distress. I worked my ass off since day one always being the best “team member” I could. And they threaten to fire me over being late a few times just by 2 or 3 minutes. Little by little I started hating this job more and more. I hate those assholes we have to call guests. Some of them get all pissy at me when I have to be the bearer of bad news and tell them we don’t have an item in stock. Um, hello? I’m just here doing my shitty job trying to earn my shitty 7.85 an hour don’t get your panties in a wad just cause i have no control over our stock. And they’re disgusting too. One night after close as usual all of hardlines went to softlines (cause all those lazy fucks do is talk and talk and talk and never get anything done) to help them in shoes. And of course stupid guests leave it a wreck. Shoes all over the floor, nothing is in its correct box.. I’m already super frustrated at this point when I stumble upon a dirty used diaper where all the hanging shoes are at. I mean really? People are fucking gross. There’s a bathroom right at the entrance you could’ve changed your smelly little brats shit rag in there. So I grind my teeth, pick it up with some napkins and throw it away. But of all the gross jobs team members at my store don’t always have it the worst. It’s usually the cart attendant who would have to clean out puke from the family bathroom just cause this douche decided 2 feet from “the toilet is too far, guess I’ll just clog the sink and let those slaves worry about it.” You fucker. The fitting room operators have a shitty job too. Apparently fitting room also means bathroom stall to some people. People piss, shit, and throw up in there. Oh yeah, and have sex. And I just hate that we have to be such a kiss ass to people who destroy the store, bitch about everything, get in your god damn way when you’re trying to zone, and release their bodily fluids wherever they feel like.

I suppose I hate guests more than anything else at target. They really made my experience working there a living hell. Some of them made me want to just say “fuck you” and walk away when they asked me ridiculous questions. I mean come on, find it yourself lazy ass there’s signs above all the aisles and we’re not even a super target! The store is not that big! Oh and to the woman who brought all your screaming little children.. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY AND SHUT THOSE LITTLE FUCKERS UP!!! I don’t like small children and I don’t like target. Mix those together and I am a ticking time bomb. Some other things that boiled my blood besides families like that were high school kids. They are the worst of the worst. They’re like overgrown children but they can do a much better job at messing up your zone. During the summer (worst time of the season besides christmas at target), they have nothing else to do except fuck around the store pretending they’re handicapped riding smart carts all around the store. One time I finally had the nerve to cuss one of those bastards out (they were knocking some of the big signs down throwing things across ┬áthe aisles). None of the LODs or anyone important found out which just made me feel better about the situation.

There was a point in my life where I liked target, even working there. That changed in a few months when december rolled around and we left work at nearly 3am. We closed at 11 pm during the holidays! What the hell!!! And we’d all be back again the next day to face the same destroyed store as the day before.

I really could go on and on about my hate for guests, some LODs, and don’t even get me started on the STL. She can suck my. Anyways…FUCK TARGET! I’m happy to say I quit earlier this morning. I’m finally not their slave anymore.


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  • Angry_Bastard says:

    Wow...sounds like people were more liberal about barfing, pissing and shitting throughout your former store than they were at mine. When people barfed, did it usually contain that nasty Pizza Hut alfredo pasta dish?

  • 1bluemoon says:

    At my Target store over in the shoe department, the "pests" leave their own shoes in the shoe boxes and they put on the new shoes and cut the tag or peel the sticker off. After that they just walk out of the store with the new shoes on! Later on when we zone or backstock we would find old dirty shoes in those new Mossimo or C9 boxes.

    As for those high school kids, give them a couple years and they'll be working at Target too, gathering carts and shit rags!

  • Hate_Me says:





  • Potsdamgraduate says:

    I just love when guests come up to me, ask a question, then get huffy because I either have to search for the item or walkie for it. One lady said to me, in a douchey mocking tone, "Oh, I don't know I only work here..." but that doesn't mean I know EVERYTHING about the store or where EVERYTHING is! That's kind of why I hate how we're supposed to ask: "Need help finding anything?" because 50% of the time I probably don't know the answer anyway. Especially when the store is a disaster and a lot of stuff isn't even in its right/designated spot on the 'planogram,' which has its own problems! Though I love, while zoning, all the random crap I find stuffed behind cereal boxes and stuff. I KNOW it's not just the guests putting that back there, but other team members who don't want to properly sort and reshop it. That's why they're able to get their zones done so fast... they do a piss poor job. Oh so glad inventory is coming up; we're in big trouble! LOL

    • 1bluemoon says:

      Today as I was pushing in the coffee aisle, I found multiple boxes of Tazo Chai Tea that were expired long ago, July 5th and August 1st to be exact! Today is September 23rd and those boxes were sitting on the shelf for months.

      I don't know if any pests bought any but I did take them off the shelf and QMOS'd it. Thinking back, I could have just let it be...for another couple months! lol


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