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November 30, 2014 - Anon

Give me the STRENGTH!

This is my first job and the experience started off great until the dreaded Black Friday made its arrival. I’ve been working at target for almost 2 months, as a cashier, and I am well over the honeymoon phase. Gone are the days of ease and peace.  Why do we have to worship these crazed customers? I know it is Black Friday, but why do these people leave behind their humanity? They become animals focused on their precious products and they act vicious for a  measly50-100 dollar price cut.  Why must their word be gold? I hate the use of giving a cashier empowerment because we are giving a customer the power to change the price of a discounted item(s). I feel this is an unfair act because the other customers that read the promotional signs correctly don’t get an additional discount. I will not call these people guest and treat them like my friends and family. These people are so unworthy of such royal treatment. I do not consider myself a religious person but I find myself repeating the phrase, “Dear God, please give me the strength to endure these unbearable creatures we call guest!” I must endure these hardships and never give Target the satisfaction of breaking my spirit and composure.  I feel I must convince myself to get out of bed and put on those horrible khaki pants and red shirt. I must force myself to smile and keep moving forward. I will try to endure this negative environment for another 4 months before I start hunting for a new job.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Meh. I've been there. They tell me to be social and smile and talk. I told them that's not me, so let me have a different position because clearly I am an introvert, I took the tests of personality in high school phycology class. But no, you have to change, you have to be what they want. So I said, alright, well, most people accept me for me anyway. Than I just do what I want. They wanna complain, blah. I don't care at this point. Complain all you want and all I say is yes I will do it, yes I will ask for red cards. Do I do it? Maybe about 5 times a day and than blah. Saying stuff to them in confidence is enough as other say things in pride confidence even if it's fake, just say yes, red card today yes for sure. Than just be like whatever to the guests and be like, oh ok, price you think is wrong, hmm, well it's not you found it in the wrong isle or on the wrong shelf, somebody got it wrong and put it there. Oh yeah well that's there fault not mine. WAH WAH WAH. Stupid cheap fuckers these people are. Oh great than pay the cheaper price, I don't give a shit what Target thinks now. Now I just change anything the guest wants changed to avoid the GSTL in the first place and so I don't have to be reminded of sell the red card, ask the red card.

  • trashtalk says:

    Our store has now settled down from expecting us to say CIHYFS to every guest to use your judgment and acknowledge each guest. This change the price whenever they ask and return just about anything rewards bad behaviour. If they didn't need sales I'm not sure the company would do this.


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