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October 16, 2014 - leiaF21

fuck you target

Starting with the interview it felt like a great fit I was going to be taking a 2 dollar per hour pay cut but given they were the only place able to give me 40 hours a week I took the job offer. It took them a month to interview me, a month to schedule orientation, and another two weeks to actually start working. Finally I was receiving 38 hours a week for 3 weeks when suddenly I was only given 8 hour work weeks. When I asked the multiple team leads they only responded with ” sorry our payroll sucks ” or ” well you can always sign up for shifts” and of course my favorite response ” unfortunately we have over 100 employees and we are still hiring more people for holidays we can’t afford to give anyone full time” so at that point I was furious. As time went by I noticed no one was giving away shifts and no one was willing to make sure the offer I received was going to be held up. I worked my ass off every time I walked in to target. Now its starting to cost me money to actually even be going into to target to work so I called to quit they hung up on me multiple times so I just stopped showing up. Finally I go in on pay day morning, mind you , I called first to make sure my check was there they reassured me it was. When I got there they couldn’t find it. After 20 min they said they mailed it to me the day prior. So Thursday Friday Saturday Monday and Tuesday have went by thus far and I have yet to receive it. Target sucks and I hope they get ran into the ground the gstls and lods are very undertrained and unprofessional. Fuck you target.


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  • Silverfox says:

    that tarshit needs to learn to give existing employees more hours and max them out and when they still need more people then is the time to hire

  • leiaF21 says:

    Been over a week now still nothing

  • TargetMinion says:

    You need to have the ETL-HR process a Payroll Request Form. It's what they send to Payroll to request placwnt pay. When they do this if gives two options: reissue paycheck mailed to TMs home, or issue a pay voucher at the store (you go in and they pay out your funds in cash from a register). If they keep dodging you I would call the Integrity Hotline to report them withholding your last paycheck.

  • trashtalk says:

    They use the flexibility of the schedule against TMs. They don't tell you the whole story in interviews and for some positions they did promise 40 hours in the hiring fairs.


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