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September 5, 2012 - jordanlool

Fuck Target.

I’ve been working in a Delaware Target for a little under 2 years now. I’m a younger guy, just starting out in the world. (I’m 20) I did a few semesters of college, but right now I’m just focusing on staying working.  I got a job at Target around the end of October 2010; right in time to be trained for Black Friday. I was hired initially as cart attendant, and then I started moving up in there. In hind sight, I kinda wish I just stayed carts. It’s a really back breaking job, and it’s really tiring, and I’ve really messed up my ankle from the past two years busting my ass doing it. But after getting tired of that, I tried to grow in the company. Since then, I’ve learned how to do basically everything outside of Pfresh, Instocks, Photo, and Food Ave. I’ve worked in hardlines, softlines, market, electronics, Guest Service, Cashier, and basically everywhere. Ever since I started learning other parts of the store, I feel like it’s gotten really bad. As I started to feel like there was room for advancement, they just kept shooting me down, over and over. I busted my BALLS for almost 2 years, every single day. Pushing carts in the blistering cold, and the unforgiving heat. Today I just proved to my room mate my feet are so calloused over that I can put a cigarette out on my foot. I’ve gotten Great Team Hero, and Top Performer mutliple times. Soon as Christmas came up last year is where I gave up though. They finally started giving me shifts in Electronics, and I would do incredibly well. I would earn 5 or 6 Red Card applications, get a boatload of AARs, and the rest of the nine yards. With that in mind, they still threw me back out in the parking lot. Since then, my hope for keeping the job there started running dry. I’ve been slowly looking for a new job since February or March, and I finally found one, and I got hired. Target knows I’ve been planning on leaving. Yesterday being Labor Day, I did a no call no show because I had no way of getting in.. and honestly, fuck them. FUCK them. I did not feel like trying to find a ride, or calling out. But I found out from one measly no call no show they’re gonna give me the boot when I go back in. Is that fair? I wanted to finish out my 2 weeks appropriately, but they’re not going to give me the chance on some nonsense no call no show. Other people do it all the time, why is one of them going to get me fired? Oh well, whatever. What I do wanna know though– is am I going to get my vacation pay? I have over 40 hours saved up and I better still be getting it even if I get fired. Anyone know?


Either way, FUCK TARGET. It’s a terrible job. It’s a great first job for experience’s sake, and for getting your foot in the door, but it’s not something you could ever make a career out of.


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