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March 5, 2018 - Fury5

Fuck JAL

I have been working for Target for a little under 5 months. I work softlines, but “my” area is JAL (which, in my store, is lingerie, sleep, activewear, and accessories). When I started, there were two of us in JAL, now there is just me. I was trained by a coworker and not an LOD or TL. Fuck it, whatever. She taught me everything she knew and did the best she could. I survived Black Friday, I survived New Year’s, but swim season may just do me in.

Let me do 7 z-racks, go backs, two tubs of panties and purses, my VMG for two areas, and zone 100%, by myself, in 4 hours. Oh wait, I also need to redo the panty wall planogram because the labels are placed wrong. My 5th hour is at the hell hole called the fitting room because some genius thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the fitting room attendant position. Not to mention, people are gross. A dog shit in the fitting room, someone left a dirty tampon, bloody guaze and bandaids, dirty used underwear……so much fun.

Of course I don’t get a fraction of that done, but it is all my fault and that makes me a target. Come on over here and bitch at me for not finishing, but don’t bother helping me or advising me.

The work isn’t difficult, and I actually don’t mind the guests. But the drama and the terrible management is fucking killer. Our store manager is so damned scatterbrained. My ETL doesn’t lift a finger in her own department, but can be seen just standing in the middle of softlines gossiping and talking shit within earshot of other employees. Our HR ETL is the most condescending person I have ever met. One of my TLs likes to start shit between all of us in softlines and then acts like she has no idea why any of us would have a problem with her. My own coworkers ignore my department and even admit to just flexing everything but then want to ask me for help with just about everything.

I can’t call in sick because the managers have a habit of bringing contagious illnesses to the store, like pink eye.

Pretend we don’t need to hire anyone but ask everyone to extend their hours. Don’t train anyone on safety measures, but bitch at us when a pile of shelves falls on an employee. Bitch about being behind in frieght, but dont bother to come up with a reasonable way to deal with it.

But boiled hot dog day sure makes it all worth it.


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