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July 21, 2013 - Grub

Fuck Everything About Working Here

I was hired as a PA at Target in a little shit hole of a town in the southeast. When I was hired, I mentioned that my hours were CRITICAL as I was trying to pay my way through life. HR told me not to worry, I was on a higher pay scale and my hours would never be a problem. That’s when they began to fuck me over.

3 weeks later I was finally called to orientation. To this day I think it’s fucking bullshit that you have to wait nearly a month after getting a job offer to start working at Target just so they can save some hours and time by having a bunch of people train all at once.

For the first 2 weeks I got fuck all when it came to my hours. I wasn’t paid until my 5th week of starting the whole application process. I was broke and literally starving most days because Target doesn’t recognize that people might apply to work for them because – I dunno, they need money? They would continuously cut my hours on a weekly basis.

Training was stressful and far from thorough. 3 days into my training I doing the work 3 PA’s should have been doing in a single day. Every single day consisted of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I heard that PA’s are woefully underpaid for the amount of work they do. Every single day I’d pull my produce+meat metros, deep cull, pull the auto CAFS, STO shit, manual CAFS, STO shit, QMOS, make TPC’s, SDA’s, work the sales planners, and that didn’t include the days when I would have to order shit, do research, talk to vendors, check the message boards, work the dairy, work the truck load, or make those stupid fucking B-codes that should come on merchandise by default.

While I was doing all this shit my ETL -who couldn’t even remember my name during the entire time I worked there- would see me walk by and have me work pulls that the other backroom tm’s didn’t get to. I would have to backstock their shit. I would have to put up signs she couldn’t be bothered to put up. One time she handed me a stack of 100 or so signs and I threw them into the garbage because I didn’t have time for it and I was fucking pissed off. Management would even get on my case about getting at least 1 Redcard a week, a task that was impossible for me as I NEVER worked on the registers.

What’s worse is that the flow tm’s would find qmos and store it in carts and put it in the ambient room. My ETL used to lose his shit over it and blame me for putting it back there, saying we would be audited. I told him on multiple occasions that I wasn’t responsible for it and he didn’t believe me. I would work an entire pallet of produce and have to STO it before it started to warm on the store floor, and my TL would grumble because it wasn’t finished. That same TL would leave flats full of backstock in the freezer for me to put away because he couldn’t stand being in the freezer.

I cannot even begin to communicate my rage over hearing someone SAVE A GUEST 5 PERCENT ON THEIR PURCHASE TODAY AND EVERY TIME THEY SHOP AT TARGET. The LOD and ETL would start squawking, squealing on the walkies, saying how they were going to congratulate the poor fucker with a ‘high five.’ Oh my fucking god.

Vibe at 55 was another annoyance I am all to glad to be rid of. I NEVER had time to walk my department due to amount of work I had to do. I was chastised by the LOD on my inability to suck every guest’s dick – seen on a ‘virtual visit’ – a concept that will forever creep me out. Guest assistance would be called in Grocery, and I would be in the ambient room in the BACK of the backroom, and no matter how many heads up I gave saying that I was too far to respond, no one would ever take the request for me. I would run up there and meet the request late, and get yelled at by the LOD for it.

I never once had a bad attitude on the job. I was never rude to a guest and for all the time I worked as a PA, I put forth every bit of effort in order to meet the expectations of the company – and my managers couldn’t even bother to remember my name. I panicked every day on the job. My ulcers came back and the stress was making me ill.  I finally quit. I couldn’t deal with that fuckery.

Target is a company that strangles it’s employees with an iron, corporate grip. It is unfeeling to the needs of its employees, and does nothing to ensure a low turnover or the happiness of its teams. It’s a company that is prepared to instantly replace you if you leave or if you are terminated. It’s a company that encourages the constant pestering of it’s customers to sign up for bullshit that provides them with little benefits, if any. It is a company that is prepared to sacrifice your needs and benefits in the interest of being cost-effective. It’s a company that overworks their employees and creates an awkward dynamic within teams by over saturating stores with under-qualified, inexperienced management with titles comprised of stupid little acronyms. Target hires people who have little options or desperately need employment and turns them into wage slaves. Fuck you Target, fuck you.




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  • bananasuit says:

    This is all so true! Sounds like the shitty ass store I'm always posting about. If you don't mind I'm gonna copy some of your post because you said it perfectly. Fuck target

  • KEENtan says:

    Hours at Target are bullshit.

    I was hired for a full time position but because I punched in five minutes early for every shift (which you are allowed to do) my hours were cut by ten each week so I didn't go into overtime.

    They then blamed the economy for another five hour cut and four months into the job my hours hovered around 20.

    I almost lost my apartment, my car, and my sanity while employed by Target. I even qualified for food stamps, though I never took them.

  • Chris. 349 says:

    That's terrible what they did to KEENan, I have to admit I take those extra five minutes too.

  • ExTargetDrone says:

    The overall environment at my store (1789) was the exact same as yours. I have never worked at a place where morale was so abysmally low as it was at target. And it isn't just limited to a handful of stores; it's the entire company.

  • Free At Last says:

    I was a former PA as well. PA starting pay is around $10.40. I was the best PA at my store; thus, I was always schedule on the day of the order.

    A PA is basically a produce manager for grocery store. The reason I knew about this is because another PA showed me his produce card. I think every three years or so you have to take a produce seminar or test at the state level.

    So basically, they were underpaying us to do the work of a produce manager. I left them and was hired a produce manager in training at a grocery chain in my city. Instead of having to worry about dry grocery, paper, frozen food and meat -> I just deal with produce.

    Try applying for a produce lead or produce manager trainee at your current location. That was how I knew Target was underpaying me to do the job of a produce manager.

  • Angelknight says:

    o.o a high five is all you get for one sign up? No wonder target is refusing to take on ex zellers employees. I recall being told as an zellers cashier in training that for every person you signed up, you were awarded 20k hbc points which accumulates to store credit once you hit a certain threshold. We were told one guy signed up so many he didn't even have to pay for gas.


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