Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

January 20, 2016 - anonymous1


Well I am here to tell you how much I hate target especially store 2775! ┬áThere’s so much to say about how target doesn’t appreciate their employees, but I will only say a few that stood to me. I was a perishable assistant and a leader for logistic zone, first off I had to stop going to school for a while or I wouldn’t be hired and money was needed at that time so I took it, didn’t start me off with a good pay. The positions I did in target were sales floor, logistic zone, bike assembly, backroom, last to perishable assistant. When I was promoted as a perishable assistant not only did I do that I also was a leader of logistic zone “5 group team” I didn’t get a good raise but a 50 cents raise pretty shitty to me! I thought I would have it easy, so many things went down and the only one who got our back which was a ETL not gonna say the name but she was amazing and always looked out for us and even argued with STL and other team leaders. After she left it went hell for all of us perishable assistant, I pushed hard for my team to get things done and we did but there was always someone who was so slow and I’m telling you she was the slowest my team was starting to hate her. I tried talking to her to pick up speed she ignored me rudely! I spoke to the team leaders and STL and nothing was getting done! She arrives late, moves slow, doesn’t follow directions when told so at times she did, call out too many times! If I called out I got shit from them, or if I was moving slow due to being sick. I did my best to move her out of my team since she wasn’t putting no effort even as a team we spoke to the etls about the situation and nothing. When things weren’t getting done at times they come to me and I explained and they just say move it a little faster when we put effort there’s times my team don’t even take a break just to get done or sometimes I don’t take any break, but lunch just try to manage to get everything done. Leadership was horrible they didn’t comprehend us especially when closers for market were the only one to close and I had that issue too to get 100 percent done was impossible especially with stupid guest that got in me trouble for trying to help him! There was a few things that we left behind for the opener but he or she didn’t complain because they know the situation but we get coached for the times we didn’t finish 100%! People were feeling stressed and not appreciated even the ones who were promoted PA, eventually realized the shit we go through other employees talked like they had it tough. When picking up heavy items they want us to move with sense of urgency, but didn’t have no strap supporter. As a team we went with 2 Etls to supply us with it since “safety first” is a huge policy! They never supplied us with it I was lifting milk crates, boxes of fruits and vegetables, meat, they were heavy and they expected that to be lifted quick when we all know there’s a right way to pick up heavy items. 2 team members quit because they were tired of them. Our team leader was horrible even had arguments with 2 of the PA’s he was later let go due to hitting his fifth! We got a better team leader she was always watching our backs also. I was let go due to my final on meal compliance and attendance, but was let go for calling out which was absurd since the one person that I wanted to take out of my team called out so many times and took forever to let her go the only reason why she stopped working there was because she never came back. All I got to say it ain’t worth the 2 positions I had for the pay I was given, it was horrible I’m glad they let me go because I was really tired the only person that worked with us is the only one left over there and he said it’s got worse! I felt relieved from all that bullshit I took from them I later got a job at Best Buy which I loved it, but then got a job at sprouts farmers market and I love it! It’s been almost 4 month since I was let go and I wanted to share my experience with you guys I feel your pain! I hope those who want to apply at target never do because they lack with leadership!



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