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June 26, 2016 - TheBoxMan

Found A Customers Check

About a week or so ago I was bowling out the boxes when I saw an envelope on the ground. I thought it was more garbage people decided to just leave on the ground so I picked it up and looked into it (since it was in the detergent aisle I was afraid of stepping on it and ending up flying through the air with some stupidly heavy detergent boxes or something, all I need is a broken rib or back) and I realized it was a check for bonton, had no idea they still existed, and what looked like a bill for the same place probably. I think it was some small denomination around $50 bucks. I looked at it a couple times thinking I was reading it wrong because I was honestly shocked at how reckless someone could be by just losing their personal financial data on the floor of a retail store.

I threw out the last box on my pallet and took the envelope back immediately to Team Leader/My direct boss person and handed it to them stating someone lost a check. All I got was “Oh, wow” and I went along with my work.  But  no one ever got back to me about it. I’m just glad I didn’t get falsely accused of anything. If they try that crap I’ll make like Trump and sue them because homie don’t play that. But besides that I have no clue if it was ever given back to the customer. Given some time and a name I know I could get in some form of contact with them if Target is to incompetent because I’m sure they are probably concerned about it and are probably old. The reason I decided to take it back to the boss is because I honestly don’t trust half the people I work with to do the right thing but now I’m wondering if I can even trust the people above me to do the right thing.

Regardless I would have just liked to atleast get a thank you or something. Not like that stupid embarrassing shit they do at “huddle”. Just a personable expression of gratitude from HR or the store manager or something since I could have helped to sully the Target name.  I would be happy with a hug from the cute HR lady, that alone would make my day.  Instead no one cares about you unless your fucking up and then they just bitch at you to stop fucking up.


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