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December 12, 2015 - bluetooth


So i just got home from target.  My manager wanted to talk about my attendance.  I called off a few weeks ago because i was really sick and had to go to the er. I brought in a doctors note.  My manager told me that she didn’t know i was in the hospital but that’s no excuse…. i almost blew up.  I’m sorry next time I’ll come in and throw up everywhere.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Target now is I guess everywhere going no excuses to call in at all, must be here for all shifts. It's all over the walls at my target in the team member area. Like hello, you have a panflit right from the start that if we are to sick and may cause others to be sick do not come in. Oh no but now they change the rules? They literally can't do that as that calls for unlawful job treatment. Even in the law of work enforcment of the United States it says that if your sick enough and can't work, do call in to your job. Target has done millions of things that are wrong and against the law, they should be sued for not following laws.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Target is an awful place to work. Just quit you will be better off.

  • doublea says:

    Call the hotline and tell them you are being harrassed and you will not stand for it. Please do this. My target messed with my pay without telling me when I transferred. I called the hotline pissed off and would not take no for and answer. They wouldn't change it but I got promoted and was given a decent raise. The STL and HR hated me for doing that. The most satisfying day ever at target. They had to eat poop and say they liked it to corporate.

    You have to go over their heads or they will sweep crap like this under the rug. All they are trying to do is protect theirs and their areas metrics so they all can get a larger bonus because they reached all of their goals. This will also make them more promotable they think.

    They will retaliate and that when you really get to have some fun. Keep calling the hotline and make their lives miserable. They will never get promoted after this cause the company will see that they can not trust these people.


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