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November 18, 2014 - mrsirsir

Flexible fulfillment the lady from hell

So I’m back room and for those who don’t know we have to handle FA which is pretty much for lazy people. For awhile people are actually using it for minor stuff like maybe some medicine baby stuff, a toy or a cd. About 4 months ago I check FA and boom there’s one in there. Usually whoever sees it calls it out and whoever turn it is does it. So it was my turn I had to go to lunch but I thought I could finish it quick. Then I see the size of the FA… 25 Dpci and 40 items total. I start it but I can’t finish it in time before my 5 hours so I stay a little longer still not done and I’m about I hit meal compliance. This bitch litterally just used FA for her shopping list. I was so pissed. Who the fuck is this lazy I fuck hope I never see this woman or I swear I will call her out on it. So I couldn’t hold myself back. One of the items was diapers I cut it open slightly slipped a note in there saying “fuck you. You lazy over privileged bitch”. She came with the note one day. But I was on my week off and in Mexico so I was never considered as the guy who did it.

So fast forward to recently my boss starts FA and he says there’s a lot in it. I look at the name and it’s that same bitch. So what’s worse this time is I WAS THE ONLY ONE PULLING CAFS FOR THE WHOLE FUCKING HOUR!!! I super manned that shit and finished it on my own but still. I slipped her the same note I did before :p .

Im seriously considering just hitting item not found 100 times but I gotta find out if they can track FAs by name. Target should really put a limit on FA but knowing target they only care about there sales. I hope I’m nearby to see this bitch I just wanna see what devil does this.




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  • TargetGrunt says:

    Does it still make you scan the hold location for each individual item? I remember having to stand there for 10-20 minutes some times because people ordered way too much shit.


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