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August 5, 2017 - katt5

Five years of nothing

been a target cashier 5 years omg… they promised id also be on guest service desk .. but they never kept that promise .. promised id be cross trained in other departments to get more hours never happened. promised self check never happenned.. in 5 years they gave every cashier after me more hours  , they got off register to work g serv and other areas.. over and over i would remind think  dozens of times.. got ignored over and over.. got lied to 3 times by frank who said i was imagineing things…     they never kept any of the promises they made me… in the store i  am in    if your a minority and totally incompentent they will give u more hours and train u for other things and even promote you.. max system wasnt working  needed a vac req put in a yr and and half later never done.. a new coat i bought was stolen from coat room no one cared not even ap who claims to see everything would not help… they put me on written warning because i used a 5 dollar gift card  i found on the floor.. they said its in the rule book  but it wasnt it took her 15 mins to search through her books in her office before she found it..  so how was i supposed to know about it .. if its only in a book she cant find in her locked office…. there is so much ass kissing in this store you can smell it   the kissers get what that want and manangement  doesnt things by redecorating the store they will make more money da.. does any one in manangement have any brains at all


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  • Silverfox says:

    How about you learn a 2nd language and attempt to speak fluently in that? I bet you only speak English.

    At my store the next manager (stl) was supposed to be a white. We even knew ahead of time who was going to do it. We ended up having a minority become manager mostly because everytime we needed him, and he wasn't there, we had to remember, oh he did graveyard today, so we can't ask him for help and muddle though as best we can. main managers don't do graveyard.

    Your store is getting is most likely crazy influx of people who don't speak english. So they need someone who speaks their language cross trained and in guest services, and probably as a gstl, because who are the underlings going to call when they have a customer that they can't communicate with? The manager or whoever that's directly above them or if they are desperate enough someone else on the floor. And quite frankly I don't want to be in their postiton because the last time I called the manager for a simple price check for an item that wasn't in the system, the customer yelled at him in a non english language because the customer believed he should get it for free. Um, no I don't want to be in his shoes getting yelled at someone in my own language and then there's literally no one else he can shift the rude people to since he's the highest in the store and no one else even has the ability to deal with said "guest"

    • Silverfox says:

      Because let's face it, you can easily shift such a rude customer onto your minority co-worker claiming you don't understand him and let your poor co-worker get the shaft.

      And why do you want to work in guest services where you basically do the job of a gstl half the time and deal with people who scream at you everyday? The minority person can deal with more people. You can only deal with english speakers. And guess who the random cashiers are going to call when they get someone who doesn't speak a lick of english? Yeah you. but you can't do the job since you don't speak it.

    • MrSharkNasty says:

      You really believe this person can learn a new language? Did you read the post? Did you see all the grammatical errors? Did see you see all the spelling errors? This person barely understands the English language.......

  • TheBoxMan says:

    You guys cant read mobile shorthand? Its nt tht hrd 2 read. Besides that non whites are often first in line due to various anti white laws on the books and company "descrimination" policies in big corps. Very well known stuff. Besides that we speak American English here. I would report people to ICE if they yelled at me in whatever globbity goop they spoke. Thanks Trump. Deport them all ?. They should assimilate or gtfo


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