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June 20, 2018 - redrose

Fitting Room Service

How does everyone feel about the new procedures for Operator?  It is asking a lot of an operator to answer phones, find the guest the correct size, hang clothes, help the guest around phone area.


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  • Redcardsuck says:

    First of all those still exist?
    Our store eliminated that position. Now the phone is always on Night Bell and it's the LODs responsibility to answer. Guest Service hangs up clothes. I guess that's just our store though.
    Secondly. Those aren't new procedures. Throw only new part is stopping and "engaging" every guest. Basically acting like a salesman while completing all the usual tasks.

    Lastly, they expect all this without salesman pay or salesman benefits or salesman type incentives. Theyve gone from unrealistic expectations to just plain REACHING. Which is why I laugh when they say "Area xyz" needs a little love. No honey it needs more than a little love. It needs two miracles, a phenomenon, and the blood of Jesus to come anywhere close to fixing that. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina looked less damaged and destroyed. They schedule nobody and all anyone has time for are "pick ups" because that's good for business. Girl bye

  • madmax53 says:

    I work softlines and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that they make us do all that. And on top of that not being able to have a Zrack back there so we are constantly calling softlines to get their abandons. They care so much about customers but never what they have to put their employees through. I personally am calling them and telling them I’m quitting (others reasons besides these).


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