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July 13, 2019 - Liverpoolfan1990

First spell at a FL Target as a cashier eventually turned out fine but a second spell at a Super Target in the same region not even close.

In March of 2017 I officially became an employee of Target corporation in an unspecified location within FL with my tenure ultimately coming to a conclusion in July of 2017 as I was specifically hired a seasonal where I would rotate between working on the floor and registers you see.

Anyway a few days into my Target experience I had two customers pretty much kind of get up in my face for minor stuff which was partially my fault such as a lack of attention to the correct issuing of change and discounts etc which resulted in over reactions but were promptly rectified and we all moved on with our lives.

I can remember this man kind of intruding on my personal space whilst I worked the registers over the issuing of incorrect change, he was yelling and kind of making a scene about it and I being brand new to the job at the time with a trainee tag on my polo clearly visible along with virtually zero experience in retail was shaken by the experience and wanted to quit then and there.

But as the months progressed at this respective FL location I eventually started to get the hang of things and actually started to enjoy it ever so slightly but once July rolled around it like I was graduating from college all over again.

In April of 2019 I re-applied to Target this time at a superstore location within the same respective FL location this time as a barista with the in house Starbucks.

OMG upon starting work here the manager I swear to god was quite possibly the worst person I had ever had the misfortune of encountering in my life before,why? she turned out to be incredibly impatient, judgmental, arrogant, rude, abrupt and above everything else super super awkward, never had I been made to feel so uncomfortable in a work place setting before than under the supervision of this nasty fucking woman!

I don’t claim to be completely innocent during my tenure but OMG I swear to god this woman was just flat out judgmental and nasty,I mean she was so open with her private opinions especially when you messed up by rolling her eyes, sighing, shaking her head and making border line rude comments whilst I purposely looked at her the whole time whilst she was doing all of this.

None of my co-workers liked her and the same could be said for staff in neighboring departments, this woman defined vile.

One day she told me to go and look over the hand book only to come over and ask me what was going on,then told me that “if I didn’t think this job was for me that I should go and speak to the hiring manager about it” thats when I told her that today was a sensitive anniversary within my family regarding the passing of a close relative. This was her response: “Thats your problem” and thats when I right there and then wanted to tell her to go fuck herself and find someone else willing to put up with her ugliness.

It’s sometimes crossed my mind  that I should have said this but at the same time would it have been worth it really :”Yes it is my problem and since you asked that’s whats going on in my life away from here and no I don’t plan on going anywhere else anytime soon”.

More shit was to come from this cunt :”It’s not working out is it maybe the hiring manager could move you onto the registers(she was looking down pretty much the whole time whilst she was saying this). In a funny way I actually agreed with what she was saying because I had previously worked on the registers and eventually thrived at it.

Then I said “I have absolutely zero complaints I’m perfectly happy here”

Queen of all cunts:” I’m not happy I am basically doing your job”.

Like I said above this woman was very open with her private views even in front of customers and as someone who medicates for high anxiety she certainly wasn’t helping matters even after I volunteered this information to her hoping she would understand and appreciate where I’m coming from as she revealed to me that she was a former teacher of fifteen years but no she was the opposite.

I only twice got moved onto the registers and after that it was back to fucking Starbucks alongside of this miserable nasty bitch.

A week or two later I got let go by a messenger boy who wasn’t really considered anybody important in the management structure so I believe for an absolutely horrendous careless mistake. But in a funny way I’m actually glad I got let go as undesirable as being let go is because I didn’t like working at this soul sucking dump anyway.

Just prior to accepting the position I wish I had actually politely declined it instead.

I don’t hate this lady or the hiring manager who I once had an awkward regrettable exchange with,these people just don’t have any importance in my life they didn’t then and they certainly don’t now.

Thank you for letting me get all of that up off of my chest I feel so much better now.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    You poor soul not only did you have return to tarshit but to work with the biggest of all bitches. I hope the next time you get a job it’s better for you.


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