Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 26, 2014 - Syd

First post- definitely not my last

First off I just have to say, THIS WEBSITE IS FUCKING AWESOME (and on a side note it actually works unlike EHR’s bullshit). I’ve spent hours reading people’s posts on here and never knew that there were so many other tm’s that felt the same way I do. I mean obviously most people usually dislike work, but working at target (as many of you know) brews a hatred so deep it transcends any normal hatred for a job. I’ve been working at target for over two years now, and my experience is like many of yours. I had never worked retail but was forced to apply because I was applying EVERYWHERE in the town I currently live in and no one was hiring- except target. I’m a full-time college student at an university so the part time hours were ideal. When I told my friend I got hired there he jokingly told me how he heard working for target was like being apart of a cult. We laughed it off not taking it too seriously, but little did I know, TARGET IS A CULT. I shoulda known when 3/4 of my orientation was about how unions are the devils work. At first I was satisfied- all the LOD’s and TL’s that I met at least acted nice to me in the beginning (although now I understand that most of them are just fake assholes). Over time, however, after countless weekends wasted zoning night after night the same stupid shit I really started to think about how much I hated target and everything it stood for. The fact that they call us “team” members just proves how right my friend was about them being a cult. FUCK that. I’m on your team target?? Making barely over minimum wage after 2 solid reviews?? I’m not apart of any team, you don’t care about me or anyone else- only $$$$$$$. Target is so much worse than walmart in my opinion because walmart actually is upfront about being a shady, employee screwing, dirty, greedy, shithole. Target tries to cover it up by acting like the care. right target. “Helping the community” by putting all the local business’ outta business, paying its community members laughable wages, instilling more consumerism into the heartĀ of America, RUINING AMERICAN HOLIDAYS FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY.

Not the most concise first post but I’m tired (I worked at 4am this morning- thanks again target for ruining most of my christmas).



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  • PhoneBitch101 says:

    I totally agree that Target is no better than Walmart... except Target acts like it's better. When I've told people I work at Target and how much it sucks, they've often commented, "But I thought Target was supposed to be pretty good [or better than the others]." BASED ON WHAT, THOUGH????!??? After working at Target for a looooooong seven months, I'm not sure if I'll keep shopping there (prob will, but I'll feel bad about it).

    • Silverfox says:

      until people stop shopping at tarshit, tarshit won't change. As seen by the results in canada. Tarshit was being shitty to customers via empty shelves and basically made a bad first impression on opening. Tarshit has been struggling to fix that image ever since. Canadians wanted the unique Target exclusive selection similar to target usa, but they didn't offer canadians that. To top it off, they started off being more expensive than macs, a convenience store. So no people shopping lol. By the time they got to the west, prices that were displayed were at par with other canadian big retailers and tarshit finally decided to give canadians what they wanted all along. The unique tarshit shopping experience of the big old america. They were already replicating the employee experience just not the customer experience as well. You can make tarshit do what you want. Canada has proven that. So far not very successful yet on the employee treatment stage but alberta shows success. Can't even offer little more than min wage there since no one will work for them otherwise. Last I heard on this blog was $13.50 and they still couldn't keep people and the provincial min wage is $10. Convince as many people as you can to shop at costco. Sooner or later tarshit will cave and copy costco in an attempt to keep sales up. All tarshit cares about is money. they don't speak any other language


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