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February 25, 2019 - PennMan101

Fired over being “disrespectful” to a rude customer after trying to calm her down

I found this site after getting fired from Target after working a week since I was so angry and wanted to find somewhere to spew my hatred for what they did to me and after a long wait, I finally tell my story.

Ok so I was desperately looking for a job near my college campus for easy commuting in December so I applied to the Target near there since they were hiring at the time and the city had a lot of working opportunity. Since I wasn’t getting any calls from them and did not have my phone at the time, I decide to walk into the target I applied to in White Plains, New York. Then I went to ask customer service and the managers who approached me told me to come in for an interview the next day. So I come in the next day excited and was misguided by the front end manager on where the back was. So I go downstairs and go for the interview and it went well. I was looking forward to working and having a pleasant time there.

So the week after, I had a hassle with the HR for a few days over forgetting my social security card and promised them to have by the end of the week. So after that, I went to do my orientation but I was the only person at the orientation and god it was so long with many lectures and examinations, I almost gave up but was able to finish. So I was officially hired on the 21st of December and was to work the next day.

On the first day,  I have to commute by bus to get to my Target. I come in and the front end manager, Paul, who was a really nice black dude introduces me to the environment and what it’s like. He puts me in someone to train with but after 20 minutes, (Since I was a former cashier at another supermarket which sucked) I was able to learn everything and was off on my own.

So everything so far from that day on went well for me. I’m a really nice guy and was admired by many customers since I would engage in conversations with them and would always find a way to make their day. I was told by many I was the nicest cashier of them all. I was a quiet guy and didn’t associate with any of my co-workers since I just came to work and that’s it. And like I was working a lot of hours into the late night for the holiday week but I didn’t mind since it’s better than staying in my house all day. My favorite times when working were the breaks cause I use to head outside and go to the malls to explore and grab something to eat. White Plains is a pleasant city and would recommend anyone who visits New York to check it out, it’s a mini-Manhattan.

But my kindness and admiration for the customers wasn’t so pleasant to my managers (except Paul) and female co-workers. They would usually stare me down and give me a rude look for no reason. I didn’t pay attention much since I was just trying my best to follow the rules. God the female workers were so strict and rude to me that twice, when I accidentally came in sweatpants punching in, the HR wouldn’t allow me to work and threatened to send me. I told her my reasoning that I couldn’t and promised her next time but she forced to go spend $30 on blue khaki pants which were uncomfortable since I didn’t have time to try them out. The second time, another female worker next to the HR did the same thing but I was wearing the wrong color of khaki pants, which were red. (Their color for god sake!) And thankfully a customer heard my story and was nice enough to buy some pants for me for $20.

The trouble didn’t end there, the customers were great but the workers were just miserable. I forgot to add on the second day I was working, just as I was returning from break, some black dude who looks like a slacker at the electronics section lured me into helping him with the customers getting their electronics. And gave me the tool to unlock the shelves, and to ring them up. It was only him and me so he was ringing and I was going around trying to unlock. I had no idea how to use the tool and it was mad pressure for me cause customer after customer was asking me to help. I told the dude that I didn’t work in this section and need to go back in front end. He didn’t care and said he needed me here. But suddenly as I was helping, the real guy handling the unlocking, some white Italian guy with a mustache yells at me cause I wasn’t suppose to an do that. And he demanded me rudely to go ring customers. So I do and customers have other non-electronic items to ring and the black slacker tries to be rude to customers saying we can’t ring anything non-electronic. But I do and then I get criticized by him for it. But I tell him “I’m a nice guy, I care about the customers and we need to serve them and get them out of the store ASAP.” So I found the time to go and tell one of my front end managers I will be at electronics for the rest of the day. She was fine with it but my god it was one of the most pressuring time of my life.

So onward and other than those incidents, everything with working at Target was fine until Thursday December 27 and this is where the real shit for Target comes in. Well the usual at first, as I had no thought in my mind of how would I have the rude customer. But it was post-Christmas it was way less busy then before. But in the hour towards the end of my shift, it happened. So there was a customer, old-middle aged, assume in her 50’s-60’s shows to my lane. I treat her like a normal customer until I hand her change. She suddenly grabs it aggressively dropping to the floor. I ask is everything ok and she then gets up and tells me “You shouldn’t be working here” for no apparent reason. I ask her “Is there a problem?” She then starts to throw slurs at me telling me how bad of a worker I am for no reason and would go tell one of my managers. I tried to calm her down as she walks away from my register until I lost it. I told her not in a rude tone to “shut up, get out of here.” She then continues to spurs at me saying she will tell my manager. I tell her to “Go ahead, nothing is gonna come of it but just get outta here if you don’t like my service.” I could of cared less and moved on with the next customers which were a Hispanic couple. I tell them what happened and I apologized to them for that customer. But they told me they saw her being rude in the aisles and was being rude to them. Then after I served them, one of my front end managers, some old Christian lady comes over to my lane to pull me off and tells me how I shouldn’t disrespect our guests and how I should of called a manager over. But the issue was, the bitch customer was leaving and if I tried to call someone over with my light, it takes my managers like 10 minutes to show up to your lane for anything. I told her I have witnesses for my defense but they left as I failed to get their info. I comply and get back to work until 20 minutes later my manager shows and tells me to leave for the night cause she was “uncomfortable with me working due to the incident” I was like ok I’ll talk to Paul about the incident tomorrow don’t worry, he’ll believe me”

So as I was leaving, I talk to one of the floor managers, a short white guy with glasses named George. He seemed to be nice and had a nice conversation and told him my side of the story. He was aware of the situation and believed me. He told me how I should of handled the situation and tells me his experiences with rude customers. He understood I made a mistake and told him I did not wanna face discipline for what I did. He said not to worry about it since I just started and was young and just talk to Paul the next day. He also added I would most likely get a pat on the back from Paul to not do it again. I then take the bus back home thinking about what happened and prayed I did not get fired.

If I thought the situation wasn’t gonna get worse, it was about to at this point. Since I missed my bus to work on that next evening, I instead take another bus then transfer to take the train to White Plains. I walk in as usual and was asking where is Paul. All the workers I asked had no idea until some young black girl with glasses approached me. I then ask her where is Paul. But she then told me to walk with her to the office. I try to ask if I can speak about the incident cause that’s what I wanted to talk about. But she ignored and refused to listen to me. She then brought me into the office and had a sheet on her. She said she was covering for Paul and that due to this incident, I hereby no longer work for Target. I was shocked and asked why. She told me cause I violated their “policy” and that since was new, had the lack of understanding on how to work here. She also added that I had came way too late that day which sums up to my termination. But hold on, that’s another section to explain below.

In regards to her telling me I was late, the schedule they gave me said I work from 5pm-10pm on 12/27. I had the sheet hanged in my room and took a shot of it on my phone. She told me I was suppose to come in at 9am and she’s shaming me for it cause I failed to do so. So how is it my fault I didn’t come in at 9am if the schedule told me to come in at 5, total BS!!! They never called me to come in at 9am and had all fucking day to do that.

So further I tell her I need to speak with Paul and not with her bitch ass cause I knew Paul knew me as a nice kid and this miserable bitch was saying as per him, my ass!!! She then tells me to hand over my badge and vest. I keep asking her if there is anything I can do and she said “No, you’re done with this store” She tries to walk me out of the store. I was shocked and ashamed that I got fired after only working a week. I felt so guilty of myself for making that mistake. Out of all the customer I had, one had to fucking bring me down. So then I go down to the back to ask for a paper and pen to write a note to Paul. I was very calm on the outside but guilty in the inside. I keep trying to write the note until security was brought down to escort me out. Like why do I need security on me for writing a note? Did I cause serious damage to the store over that fucking bullshit. So I finish the note, left it for Paul on his desk. Before I left I tell some of my co-workers of what happened. One said it was ridiculous and was by my side after my conversation with George the day before and another was just too afraid to say anything. I then left.

The next few days I tell me friends about my situation, some told me I should of called someone over and some sided with me saying it wasn’t my fault and that Target was ridiculous with me. I also try to call to ask where Paul is, all the calls I get, the rude females (working close with the HR) refused to give me his schedule and direct contact info. They told to call when he comes in. So I come into Target again on 12/30 to see Paul since one of them finally provided info on where he is. I see him as he was very calm and told him my situation. He understood and said he’ll speak with the team to make a decision. He said I was a good kid and knew didn’t mean it and needed to stay on the job. So I was kind of relieved and left. It wasn’t til 1/2 or 1/3 I call back and all of a sudden Paul says “We no longer need your services here, hope you find luck out there” and that was it with me and Target.

My parents’ thoughts on what Target did to me, they told me Target seemed to be using me for  their holiday season and thoughts the hours they gave me were terrible. And that the force on me to buy pants was ridiculous. I thought so but didn’t realize then since I was in need for a job. But for my paycheck, I call Target one last time a day later and said that they would mail it to me sometime in the middle of January. So it didn’t come til the end of the month and was paid less than I thought. I used that paycheck for a trip an overnight trip to Boston in January so that was about it.

So in the end, I regretted working for Target and was able to find another job at a local supermarket (Shoprite) near my home a few weeks later and I’m happier there. I declined a campus job for Target due to the pay and length. I was just desperate for a job and was not thinking for what would go bad working there. One of the customers I had when working there told me that he use to work for the place and that the management just hires and throws out workers just like that. I forgot to add that since the customers see my as nice, one told me that one of the workers just rudely left them leaving a long line. I told her not to worry cause I’m not an asshole and would always be willing to serve and help customers out. I also learned that Target is anti-union so if I was able to be apart of a union, it would of been harder for them bastards to rid me. Target just likes to keep their self-centered “perfect” image in and rids anyone worker who thinks has done harm, it’s ridiculous. They don’t care about if you’re nice, or if customers like you, or quiet, they use you.

I’m glad I came across this site to post my experience so y’all here learn that this was not a pleasant working environment. I thought I was alone on this and should of been ashamed for my mistake cause I didn’t intend to be “rude” as they say. The managers at my Target made me feel so guilty for my actions that I thought I was never gonna get another job. Target likes to treat their workers like shit and will rid your for the slightest shit, even if you didn’t mean it. They will use you only for their own benefit. Why? Cause Target cares about their customers more than their own workers, even if you’re the nicest and most skilled, which needs to be changed for this damn company.

Also at my current job, when I see a Target ad on the TV in my breakroom, I just simply give the finger.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Lol at giving Tarshit commercial the finger!!!! It’s what they fucking deserve after the way they treat people!!!!

  • Rosietheriveter says:

    Wow! Target stinks and im glad you got out so soon for your benefit. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Boston, love Boston, on to better places to work.🎯👈😲

  • Silverfox says:

    When a customer yells at you, smile and grin politely and stay calm. This is what they don't want. What that old lady wanted was for you to get upset and create a scene and get you fired

    • Silverfox says:

      The manager was right. in That situation you ask if they want to speak to a manager. As soon as they start doing that call your supervisor. Let them deal with the nasty customer and move them away from your register so you can help the next customer. Don't engage them,

      And the thing is, you may have misread a co-worker's scheduled time and thought it was yours. A no show during the first 90 days is grounds for termination. The only time they don't do it is when they're desperate. Read your schedule carefully next time.

      • PennMan101 says:

        Thanks for alll this, was told this too many times. But for the schedule, it was written for me and to take home so I put it up on my wall so they must of made a mistake with me.

  • efftarget27 says:

    There's a dress code for a reason. It was either buy pants or sent home. Either way, you lost out on the $$$. Sweatpants are a big no in pretty much every single job and would've probably had the same issue with another company.
    And they probably were using you for seasonal help only, like other big box stores do the couple weeks leading into christmas. And from what I heard, most target stores were not hiring on seasonal after this past holiday season.

  • viciousdave says:

    Wow, well I was lucky than. I was always nice to guests and the coupons and EBT, put in price down, checks. Every month there was a mean person though. Why didn't you add that? This is cheaper! You don't have it? Barely, but sometimes I would go back at them and go I'm trying to help you, so shut up!!! I pull the light for GSTL and took over $20 minutes one time. So for a person waiting that long one time I said I'm sorry it's taking so long, because it is you should go into a different lane maybe. Says no no no I'm already here! I printed out there pre pay receit and said please wait over on the wall plese so I can help the rest of the people they've been waiting. Said no no, fuck you asshole!!! I was like huh? I just said it's a store policy I have to follow, it's not my own rules. Finally she waited over on the wall and than GSTL came and I said yes there's a lady with a pre pay receipt need help with price difference on item.


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