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  • I found this site after getting fired from Target after working a week since I was so angry and wanted to find somewhere to spew my hatred for what they did to me and after a long wait, I finally tell my story.

    Ok so I was desperately looking for a job near my college campus for easy commuting in December so I applied to the Target near there since they were hiring at the time and the city had a lot of working opportunity.

  • July 11, 2014 - John Cree

    Homophobic Abuse in 2013

    Target 1489

    I was hired on 3-3-04.  During the time I worked for target I had a few low level problems with being a gay employee.  A few people who dislikes me for being homosexual, a few joke here and there nothing I couldn’t handle myself. And nothing worth reporting to HR or Target Help Line.

    However in the Fall of 2012 and continuing to the point I was terminated, winter 2014. I was systematically abused by a team member(adam) and team lead(anthony).

    Adam repeatedly referred to me as Bitch, Pussy, and on at least one occasion called me f****t.