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October 6, 2016 - targetsuxx

Fired under false pretenses and then humiliated

I had put in my two weeks and then taken it back. I knew others who had done that and they got to keep their job. I was put back onto the schedule and told I was allowed to keep my job. The day that was “supposed” to be my last day before I took my job back, I put in a complaint about harassment and bullying by a coworker. I was told they would try to take care of it, after a lot of “are you sure you aren’t taking it too hard? he isn’t just joking?” and eye rolls. Later that day, I was called in by the LOD and told that my GSTL reported I threatened the team member whom I complained about in the first place. I was also told that they had already replaced me and that I couldn’t have my job anyways because I put in my two weeks even after being told the opposite a few days earlier. A week after I was fired, a friend who still works there told me that my GSTL was telling everyone why I was fired which is a breach in confidentiality.


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  • Mikasi says:

    You need to contact corporate. They did the same type of thing to me. I quit flat out and my LOD decided to tell everyone my business. Told them I missed too much work. I had doctors notes for everyday except the day my uncle died in front of me (which I was so shaken up from that I was bawling my eyes out on the phone when I called( I reported her and she lost her LOD position and had all kinds of things happen with her reprimand for it. They can't put out your personal business


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