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December 20, 2015 - vanna-t

Fired??? and a question.

fair warning this may be a little long.

I started working at target a few weeks ago, as it was my first job ever I was excited. I am a minor and I actually got a job because my family is currently homeless ( living in a motel) and we are barley able to pay to stay here ( a fact that my employers were fully aware of.)

last week is when my troubles started I had one very pushy LOD on my case as they had me working softlines BGI. I explained when I came in that night that my mother had been in the hospital the night before. so my head wasn’t exactly clear and that my work may not be my best. The LOD said she understood I was working a four hour shift and had to do the abandoned on top of the disaster zone that is BGI in that time. I had never been in that area before so I had a bit of trouble time managing myself. Every half an hour to an hour my LOD  would check in on me and berate me for not having it all done. Now I being the conflict avoiding person I am stated that once again my head wasn’t clear and that I need to work on my time management skills. (also I took my break over an hour late because she wouldn’t let me go when it was my scheduled break time) I thought it was resolved when I left that night.

low and behold the next week i called in sick because I get serious bronchitis  every year and they were aware of this when they hired me as well. The same LOD is who I ended up calling into she didn’t seem to believe me even though for the past week or so my lung function was getting progressively and noticeably worse. so I spent the rest of that day when I should have been resting, worrying that I would get fired (I had had that fear since my first encounter with her.)

Then I when I return every thing seems fine. i pick up an extra shift on my day off the following day and go about my day zoning and putting the abandoned out until my break then when I get back the STL asks me to do seasonal I happily agree. however I have two hours left. when I go to get the abandoned cart for seasonal I am shocked to find that the guest services people had put electronics and market in the cart as well. They want me to keep on abandoned which is overflowing every time I turn around and zone one of the most shopped areas that looked as though no one had touched it all day. I managing to get the abandoned done by the 9:00 o’clock deadline that they had stated over the walkies and continue to zone however I am unable to finish my zone as i was severely undertrained and had to ask for help more often then not (which side note they told me it was encouraged to do so) and deal with coustomers who were in a rush because it’s the holidays. So when I finish my shift I hear over the walkie that the STL had asked how my zone went and I responded that I had got what I could done in the time I had. I then continue to clock out when I see him just standing around (big surprise) he then confronts me about my response because some employe who I have never seen before said that my zone was only half done. I explain that I had only two hours (I try not to make excuses I was simply stating the truth) and he snarkly replies two hours is plenty. I go out to meet my mom having a total panic induced breakdown fearing that I will lose my job once again. When I check the online schedule it says I was approved for the shift that I signed up for but when I come in the HR lady calls me in and the freaking LOD who had been so pushy before join her they sit me down and say that I’m fired on the outside I am completely professional on the inside I’m screaming. My family relies on my pay check to keep us somewhat afloat financially. They then continue to spout this bullshit that because I was talked to twice ( in which neither time did they state that it was a warning or anything to suggest that my job was actually on the line) that it warranted this termination. I remind you that they approved a shift that was not my own just to fire me! My family won’t be able to have any sort of presents or anything this year because of this. You should have seen the look on my moms face when I told her she was so mad at them but then she started to cry and there was nothing I could do. But the best freaking part is that the gave me this thing called a voucher ( I’ve scoured this site and the rest of the Internet and i can’t seem to find this voucher thing) they paid me in cash for the time I worked (though it doesn’t exactly add up to the hours that I actually worked) and sent me on my way and because I can’t seem to find this thing anywhere i have a feeling that there is something fishy about it (I could just being paranoid but I thought I was being paranoid about being fired and yet it turned out I was right) my mom says it wasn’t my fault but I can’t help but feel like I ruined her Christmas because they fired me and then I found this site and it made me feel a bit better so I thought I would share my story and see if others know if this voucher this is legitimate or if the screwed me over in more ways than one.

Last couple of things:

i was always happy and excited to go to work

I was told many times that I was very pleasant and helpful by guests

I was also told that I was a fun person to work with by multiple coworkers

I never received a flat out warning in fact the words the used to describe my encounters we’re learning  experience

i came in as early as 30 min every day

i received bare to Minimal training I believe I had two days of training one for softlines/hardlines/ fittingrooms (all packed in a 6 hour shift) and one for cashier

I never once was called into anyone office to be  Reprimanded

I’m sorry about how long my rant is I really just needed to get this of my chest.






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  • iworkatguestservices says:

    How long were you employed before your termination?

  • BlueSky says:

    At my store, we're told we can be terminated for clocking in early for our shifts and to never clock in more than a minute or two ahead of our assigned shift. Based on your story, that'd be the most logical reason for your termination. I'm sorry this happened to you, I hope your next job experience (it's been months so you probably have one by now) has been better for you.


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