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August 26, 2014 - Revan_Vampir


ETL went and lost her damn mind – yelling and hollering at everyone during huddle while store was open for customers who were in ear shot to hear. The store I work in where flow team is concerened consists mostly of seniors -the ratio of seniors to young ones is about 75%. Anyhow… this ETL gave the flow team a short and rude speech during the huddle to basically “Speed it up”. Now I understand if we are behind, we need to speed it up however it was the TONE that we didnt like. I reported it to the head of HR who is only in the store 3-4 days a week. He appreciated my concerns and indicated that the behavior the ETL demonstrated was not acceptable and would speak to the head of the store this past Monday. Well…guess they spoke to her because she has been nice – to me at least – ever since. So much for reporting this to HR and oh…did I mention? I called the hotline to report it? And did I mention several others I work with also called the hotline?? TY Target for your shitiness. I will do my best however if there is another incident, I am out like Shout and off like a dirty shirt – ya f**kwits



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