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June 12, 2018 - throwaway125

Finally Leaving

I imagine most of the people on this site are just current or former employees airing their grievances about whatever bullshit Target did to them, but I will say I didn’t start this job hating Target. It was my first real job and it helped me gain some confidence in the workplace where I originally didn’t have any (part of the reason it took so long for me to get a job, I’m too anxious for my own good). There was some BS during the first year I was there, fewer hours (I was on the Flow team), Friday didn’t mean shit due to Saturday morning trucks, and there was one time when I got stuck doing FDC all by myself when the guy who was supposed to help was a no call-no show but I enjoyed working with my team and it was an easy, fast paced job that you got the hang of pretty easy.

The hate started seeping in when they added in all these new changes. They separated the market team from the rest of the store, started depleting the number of people on the team, the new TM was an idiot who came from a smaller store and barely does anything except stay in the back room all day, it took less than a month for the environment to change drastically. The last straw was when they cut entire days off my schedule. I’d go in at Wednesday and find out I wasn’t scheduled at all which is the biggest bullshit when you’re already working only four days a week.

I’d like to blame everything on the new TM (believe me, he’s such an ass) but it’s really Target itself that’s shooting themselves in the foot with how they’re treating us. Half the guys who were hired around the time I was are long gone, and plenty more are leaving after me. They’re changing up the way the store works again which will give some more hours but it’s still bullshit how they’ve been treating some of us, especially when the TM has definite favorites and unfairly hates some of the people who have worked the hardest for this shit hole store.

It’s a shame because I enjoyed working at Target for a time, like I said. I would still recommend it for those who want to get a start in the work force but just be careful and know what you’re getting into. Don’t stay long, don’t expect competency, just go in, get paid, get the experience to put on your resume, find something better. As for me, it’s time Target and I remained just friends. This relationship ain’t working out.


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