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October 5, 2014 - rage

Fed up with the “no payroll” excuses

For those of us who have been here for about 6 years or so, let me take you back to the good old days.  I remember when I first started working FLOW before I moved to backroom.  Most people in my store had been there a few years before me and overall loved their job as did I.  After the truck was pushed, I noticed backroom was a mess and asked to stay and help out.  Back then the backroom was a mess, because no one wanted to do the job.  After a few good people got trained up in working backroom, we pretty much always came clean aside from days where we were flooded with transition, lots of call outs, and back-to-back (2,000+ piece) truck days.  Everyone in the store was given a decent raise to help keep talent in the store and it got the point where no one bothered checking their scheduled time off, because staying until the job was done was implied as long as you didn’t go over 40 hours.  We actually had a pretty good couple of years with overall good leadership and team members to get the job done.  Then the economy went into recession.

Despite the recession, things were still going well for my store.  However, the first strike was that over the course of a few years minimum wage went up, but our pay didn’t go with up too and those cute little $.10 “raises” are an insult and undermine our hard work and loyalty.  So, now the job that payed a couple dollars above minimum wage became barely above minimum wage.  About the time that we remodeled for P-Fresh was when the talented people started going elsewhere.  Too many of the newer people who came in, I swear barely could remember to breathe or at least didn’t give a shit.  So, the job stopped getting done and rather than address the problem or allocating enough hours for sufficient training, the ETL’s just replaced it with sunshine and happy feelings.  Some people turned out to be good, but were just severely under trained in areas such as the closing backroom person not being certified on the WAVE or the baler and not setting the line properly for the next day.  One of our closer’s got written up multiple times for burning batches and screwing around on his phone for the entire shift.  No one liked this person and it took 9 months for HR to finally fire them.  How many baffles and write ups does it take to fire someone or at least move them?!  Anyway, I put up with the stupidity and bullshit, maintaining loyalty in hopes that things would improve.  Remember when this whole vibe shit first started and you got a few ETL’s from different stores to come in and “fix” everything?  Yeah, that was just great!  Let’s come in at 3am, yell at everyone to move faster, make backroom help FLOW, send everyone home with a “job well done” while the backroom is in ruins, take away water bottles on the floor in the dead of summer, and not even have the decency to turn on the AC.  Then let’s guilt trip anyone who wasn’t sent home to save your precious hours into “doing a better job by working faster”.  The TL/ETL meetings during that consisted of basically an ultimatum, “you’re either with us or against us”.  Our logistics chats which years before were twice per year were now non existent, because they neither gave a shit about our input or cared to improve things.  If our leadership didn’t think of it then it’s not a good idea and we don’t want to go hurting anyone’s precious egos by giving constructive criticism now do we?  Nope, just sunshine and smiles.  This move cost us an ETL who devoted 14 years of her life to working there when she was passed up for promotion by some piece of eye candy who insults the intelligence of a sack of potatoes.  Which brings me to this past year.

Now we’re to the point where the leadership is completely disconnected with everyone in the store and their ideas are always great even when they’re not.  I can put up with some stupid shit and I’ve tried to stick it out, but the final straw has been in this last year with this whole “we overspent payroll” excuse.  Even when store sales break records, they suddenly “run out of hours”.  A multi-billion dollar corporation with stores that are pulling in shit tons of profits don’t have hours?  Bullshit!  It’s plain and simple, to drive sales from a logistics standpoint freight has to be put away properly.  I understand a little scaling back during rough times or when the job has been completed, but when there’s one and a half truck’s worth of freight jamming the backroom up, there’s no excuse!  Oh and you’re hours that you “saved” are wasted on us shuffling full vehicles around and scavenging to find empty vehicles just to get the damn job done.  There’s a reason why all your talent leaves.  You bring in the dumbest people that absorb our hours, ego stroke them because you’re too chicken shit to correct the real problems and don’t reward/engage those who are trying to be loyal who might actually do a decent job that will more than make back this payroll excuse you keep feeding us.  Just keep shoving sunshine and rainbows up your ass and capping it with your head Target!  I have my resume together and am looking for a better job.  Thankfully, I have solid references from my TL’s from back in the day when Target was actually a good place to work at.


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  • Bombcar says:

    How do you think they're paying for the loses from failing to stop ID theft last year.

  • Silverfox says:

    they are turning into walmart. Target was onto something when people fled walmart for target due to walmart pulling the exact same shit. Now tarshit decides to copy walmart. Some idiot up there wasn't thinking. News flash tarshit what aint broke don't fix it. You finally were onto something that had you beating walmart and then tarshit decides to copy walmart. Oh yes they are also trying to beat walmart in price now. Seems like they want to copy everything that walmart does now

  • littleavery1948 says:

    I worked in payroll at my previous job; they never give enough payroll. They allot a certain amount of payroll; this is based on the OPTIMAL scenario. Anything below the absolute optimal scenario is considered to be over-spending. Giving out hours while watching payroll was a royal pain in the ass. I agree that it is BS; corporate expects us to work at an optimal level at all times; we are not robots. I work on the flow team, and we always overspend, even though people quit and call out (we had four new hires quit within the first two days). We get blamed for everything. Most of the TL's are in their positions because they kiss ass, or they have no idea what the hell that they are doing. Because people quit so often, we have a team that is made up of people who have been their three to four months or fewer. We are also being told that we suck as badly as ever. They have told us to "speed it up or we'll find someone who will". Good luck with that; it takes someone three to four months to really achieve that level of speed (I am faster than almost all of them, and I have been there for 10 weeks). Yes, we overspend; yes, we suck; don't we always?

  • skye568 says:

    Whatever. that company is making loot


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