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September 15, 2014 - TargetGuestsSuck

Every guest is a demon

So, I’ve come to realize that I don’t hate my job at all. I don’t hate my ETLs, my TLs, or even my STL. They all have their moments, but so do we. What makes me want to slit my veins with a red razorblade are guests. They are the biggest pieces of shit this world has ever seen. And I have to partially blame Target because we spoil these scums. They refuse to even LOOK for anything, they want you to do their fucking shopping for them. Listen cunt, I’m not your personal shopper. There should be a god damn law that you as a guest are REQUIRED to LOOK for your shit on your OWN before you harass us. And yes, before anyone jumps down my throat for saying harass, the way guests refuse to do anything on their own and barge into our busy days IS harassment. It’s gotten to the point that I refuse to fucking acknowledge guests anymore. I will do anything to avoid them, and when they ask me about anything I will make you feel as stupid as you are. I used to be so positive with guests and happy to help, but after the way I’ve been treated by them, I see them for what they are. Trash. They destroy the store. And my favorite part.They all have the balls to complain about how we aren’t always stocked. You know why? YOU BOTHER US EVERY FIVE FUCKING SECONDS WITH STUPID SHIT. I can’t get through a god damn rig scan without you being up my god damn ass. God forbid I try to scan outs through market, I have at least eight assholes asking me where cereal is when there’s a big FUCKING SIGN there. Or when they ask where pet food is. When there’s the giant dog picture over it. Honestly, please tell me I’m not the only one who hates this inbreds. Please.


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  • Employee4393 says:

    I hear ya. It never fails, if you're a two man team, as soon as one person goes on break, you are THE number 1 most sought after TM. Especially in Electronics.

    Two, manning the desk?


    "Welp Im on 15."

    "see ya"

    "Hey can you find this,"

    "Sir we need some help."
    "do you know where the hair dryers are?"
    "Why isnt on sale? It was on sale last week!"


  • squidward says:

    the other day a young woman came up to the fitting room for a price check because there was a clearance sticker but it wasn't ringing up as such on the isle scanner.The dpci didn't even match and it wasn't like the sticker was torn off another and stuck to it-it was perfect so I told her she could talk to the cashiers about it. She said she didn't want to make a big deal and didn't want it then. Bless her honest soul. But this is to show how much crap we take and go into default please-stop-yelling-at-me mode

  • rage says:

    That was me today. I had a flat with nothing but water that I had to take to the opposite end of the store. I'm trying to navigate this flat around these idiots who are oblivious to anything outside of their own world and the only time they snap out of their world is to stop me, so I can walk them to the other side of the store. Hey asshole, go find it yourself can't you tell that I'm trying to move this heavy thing around without hitting anyone?! Between having to help the front end out and these idiot guests asking me the dumbest questions and expecting me to hold their hand it took me 20 minutes to push a CAF that should have only taken a few and it was blocking an isle the entire time. When I'm shopping at a store and I see an employee moving lots of stuff around and I actually do need help do you know what I do? I have the common courtesy to ask someone else!


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