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August 9, 2017 - cartattendant763

Dumbest Complaint in Target History

I’ve been working as a Cart Attendant at Target for the summer. It’s been pretty good, but today I had the misfortune of working under a very grouchy GSTL who verbally berated me for the silliest, most immature reason you could ever possibly think of. Here’s what happened. She calls for the Cart Attendant over the walkie and tells me to come to Guest Service. So… I go to Guest Service. She tells me that a Guest needs to bring in items from her car, and tells me to get her a Shopping Basket. Confused – I ask her “One of the small handheld baskets?” and make a hand gesture as if I’m holding a basket, just to be explicitly clear that she indeed wants a basket. I double checked because I didn’t think that a little basket would be spacious enough to hold all of the guest’s goods. So she looks at me like I am an idiot, and replies “Bring me a shopping basket,” and then follows it up with a snarky comment along the lines of  “not that hard to understand.” Something like that. So I say OK, and bring her a basket. So then she tells me “You need to listen, and you need to listen better. There is no way all of this guest’s items are going to fit in that. Go get me a cart.” And I look at her, almost in shock that I can’t believe what just happened – not wanting to escalate the situation, I just said “Sorry, my bad, I got confused when you said basket and not cart, totally my fault,” but I need your honest opinions in the comment section. If someone tells you to “Go get a basket,” would you bring back a shopping cart, or the actual handheld baskets? Thanks!


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  • TargetSucks says:

    When speaking with morons, you need to rephrase your response to include both options so they can see the folly of their ways. Even then, she should have told you in the first place to bring a cart over the walkie. Why should you walk back and forth twice for her constant laziness?

  • poohbear80 says:

    This woman needs to be bish slapped immediately and then fired. I would never accept being spoken to like that from my supervisor. You did nothing wrong.

  • Angry_Bastard says:

    You're a cart attendant, therefore the easiest target (no pun) around to be fucked with. I'd stop carrying the walkie around if I were you...or turn it off. That was how I irritated GSTLs, and had no regrets about every time.

  • Jmundrey94 says:

    Fuck that dumb piece of shit


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