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August 16, 2014 - dtlhater

DTL in British Columbia, Canada is the worst…

Canada is a disaster for Target and no wonder why with the useless leadership brought in from the United States.  It looks like they pushed their worst leaders north of the border just to get rid of them. Disrespectful, arrogant and unknowing. As a STL I get first hand visibility to their uselessness. Quotas for Pdd’s and CCA’s are the norm and stores are rated on this so if you get one, know the management is excited to add another notch to their list. Succession planning has token input from store STL’s but is already determined by the 1 minute snapshot in time the DTL or HRBP actually gets visibility of that person even tho these Senior Executives have no clue as to how these people effect their store either positively or negatively. For fun, ask your DTL to complete a ‘pull’ or ‘backstock’ or check jda, wfm etc – won’t have a clue to this or most best practices. Never wears a name tag. Only cares if washrooms are clean (goes in immediately on entering store), great team cards are written on board, towels are folded and grey dots are on labels. All stores in district still have in stock issues (major!) and operate in Redville conditions. Went in 2 other Vancouver stores last week and they were embarrassing and with 1 person on cash was a 1+4 at best and those in line were vocal about it. For more fun, listen to TMs, TLs, ETLs conversations…   they are all complaining about either the tasks expected to be done, the lack of people to do them, or the number of people calling out or no showing…   it’s fun to listen in on and so evident the extremely high turn rate experienced so far is not going to slow down for some time. Must be well over 50% turnover for STLs and ETLs in British Columbia in the short two years in operation and highly representative of the brutal leadership provided.  None of the issues will be fixed anytime soon (outright lies last week presented to media by Canadian CEO dude) and will be a laugh when Target has to post their earnings on August 20. Watch and enjoy the share price plummeting further!  I feel so awful for the good people working in the stores but joyed to see the continued failure of this brutal company.


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  • Silverfox says:

    hey it's even worse than zellers right? I remember nearly all tills were open at zellers on a Saturday and we opened at 8 am instead of 9 am. store was always packed

  • TargetSucks says:

    STL is a store manager?

    • TargetSucks says:

      Why is everybody disliking my question and not answering? I've never worked for the stupid company, so I don't know all their stupid acronyms. What does STL stand for? I thought it was Store Team Lead, isn't that a store manager?

      • TargetGrunt says:

        Yeah, I'm not sure why people are down-voting you either because you are correct. STL = Store Team Lead = Store Manager.

      • takemethere says:

        DTL-DISTRICT TEAM LEADER-needs to make unannounced visits to keep stores in check
        STL-STORE TEAM LEADER-store manager-they are given too much vacation time and too often are not in the building. Not sure who they report to when they call in or miss work.
        STL-SOFTLINES TEAM LEADER(over all clothing departments on the sales floor)-some stores are shopped so hard it is difficult keeping up with the kardashians i mean Kartrashians. Lol.
        HTL-HARDLINES TEAM LEADER(over electronics, sporting goods, seasonal, health and beauty or any department other than softlines) Some stores have one manager over all hardlines and softlines depending on sales volume for that store and others one manager over hardlines, softlines and front end if a low volume store.
        STL-SENIOR TEAM LEADER-they are key carriers who are scheduled at least a couple LEADER ON DUTY SHIFTS A WEEK OR MORE DEPENDING ON THE STORE. They are not on salary and are guaranteed 40 hours a week. Some store have a senior team leader in softlines, hardlines or the front end. They perform store opening and store closing procedures.
        GETL-GUEST EXPERIENCE TEAM LEADER-manager over the entire front end-that is, front lanes and service desk(guest service), cart attendants, cash office, pizza hut, starbucks or whichever food area the store has up front.
        GSTL-guest service team leader-reports directly to GETL. GSTL supervises the front end and GSA'S.
        GSA-guest service assistant
        SBTL-starbucks team leader
        TCTL/FATL-target cafe of food avenue team leader
        HRTL-human resource team leader-manager over hiring/staffing
        RTL-replenishment team leader.
        BTL-backroom team leader-in charge of putting items on location in the stock room

  • disgusted says:

    tarshit, please book your flight home to Minneapolis, we don;t want you here, and your sour Minnesota passive aggressive attitude has emotionally messed up enough employees now, please stop, and return to Minneapolis where you are no doubt missed...Do you need a ride to the airport, tarshit? I am sure someone will give you a ride to have the satisfaction of knowing you are GONE, Alternatively, click your ruby slippers three times, and and think there is no place like home......(hint hint, we dont want you in Canada, bye bye0

    • Silverfox says:

      tarshit is determined to win canadians back lol Except that is a little difficult with all those empty shelves and faced shelves

  • Integritymybullseye says:

    In a few targets in Michigan a lot of Canadians were brought in to take the target business collage (brainwashing culture). They would do intern leadership training in stores also. Many were going to be district leaders as none of the Canada Targets were open yet. Target management is like a infectious disease and as you can see now infects other countries. Hows that VIBE!!

  • Silverfox says:

    Well the new ceo of target has decided to replicate the target shopping experience in canada. And here I thought they were only replicating the employee treatment


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