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May 12, 2015 - electronicsguy

Druggie guests, and idiot bosses

Let me start off by saying that my store decided to drastically reduce the amount of hours given to the assets protection team at my store. We usually dont get anyone in until 2 and sometimes they leave long before closing.  Now, onto my story. This morning began like any other.  I waited an exceptionally long time to be let in, and ridiculously long for my keys. Both thanks to my least favorite LOD at my store. But fine,  I had my morning coffee,  I shall persevere. He then asks me to ignore all the going ons of electronics, the department that I was hired for, where Im paid a higher wage to be, so that I could push hardlines abandons. Fine. Now around opening,  a guest walks in thats obviously drugged out of his mind. I hate when these guests come when we have no AP. He walks up to a cooler, grabs a coke, starts drinking it and flicks the cap at a register before continuing into the store. All in front of said least favorite LOD who did and Sao nothing. He then proceeded to DESTROY the decor and furniture departments. He then storms up to me and my abandons cart, accusing me of stealing his non existent cart. I offered to help find his, to which he replied with a threat. He began mumbling about how I was lucky he didnt have his gun,  and if he had his gun with him he’d do this and that… I was VERY uncomfortable.  So I broke away under the guise of bringing him a new cart. I alerted said least favorite LOD, who managed to completely fuck the whole situation up. After nearly 10 minutes of not doing anything about the situation,  he finally decides to locate the Man. After finally finding him,  he proceeded to give the guy fucking apology coupons.  The coupons we five guests who have been wronged in some way. To a man who threatened to shoot me. And he lets him continue his shopping!  Needless to say I avoided that part of electronics.  I was not willing to risk my life for target. When I finally think he’s gone, I walk down to find HUNDREDS of dollars of merchandise stolen. Luckily when AP did arrive,  he and I recovered all but the coke he stole in front of the LOD. But bottom line is our LOD did nothing to stop a dangerous situation,  and put us all at risk. He put me at risk. And I find that unacceptable.  Every other LOD and AP agreed the man shouldve been kicked out and we should’ve called PD. Yet nobody is willing to do anything to make things right with me. This is not something you just brush off. My employer owes me to keep me safe while I slave away for them. I dont ask for much,  but I do expect that much. What a pathetic excuse for management.


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