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May 16, 2014 - leroy24

Don’t worry bout the coaching

I’ve been a team lead at a store in Minnesota for about three years. The reasons I haven’t left are basically because of my peers (senior team leads and below) and I don’t have a degree. I’ve also been led to believe I’d be promoted many times only to be burned time and time again.  I also am just starting my life with my finance after purchasing a home together so quitting isn’t really an option until I have a secure future income.

I just sort of laughed when I was reading through many of the posts. People being worried about “getting written up” or “coached”. In my three years at Target, I have not seen a SINGLE person fired for poor performance. It is nearly impossible. People only get fired for no call no shows, and even with these you can have two of them until you get put on a “final warning”.  At Target, they require many, many conversations before they can put you on what’s called a “CCA” (my peers and I frequently joke about how you need 35-40 conversations with someone before someone gets put on a CCA). After the CCA you still need many more conversations before you get put on a final warning (this is the one before you are “fired”). Personally, I’ve had only a small handful of people ever do anything that would warrant “coaching conversations”. The majority of team members I work with are some of the hardest working people anywhere.  There usually isn’t a reason to coach them. My point is this: don’t worry about the coaching!  Unless of course you want to transfer to a different area then it will become a problem but that’s it. You’ll have your job for a long time even after some dick head ETL coaches you 19 times.

My experience have been in Minnesota so some peoples experiences elsewhere may be different. I sometimes think Target is a little more strict here with firing people bc HQ is here. I don’t know. But wanted to ease the mind of anyone worrying. After all, they pay you an offensively low amount of money and you are still there, why would they fire you (TL pay isn’t all the glorious either)?


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  • disgusted says:

    Wow!!!!! Clearly a different kind of TL here that wrote this, he actually had a brain and a heart too, and is telling it like it is. WOW WOW, much kudos to you LEROY24!!!!!! You are awesome!!

    It doesn't take too long to know that it is very hard to get fired from tarshit. Coaching won't do it, that is very accurate. Sadly, I have never not called in the few rare times I have ever been sick, but HR or someone tries over and over to say I was NCNS, when I wasn't. I fight it and they back down, as I am smart enough to have proof whenever the very rare times that I have needed to call in came up.

    I also know that it's very hard for tarshit to fire anyone, (unless the employee stole or something like that), as I had an ETL say to me, "You don;t seem too happy here, maybe you'd like to quit?" I said NO Thanks you, they pushed the same thing again and in the end I said, if I am so bad, and you want me out out of here, please escort me to the door then, (fire me), Pretty fast, the "oh no, we can;t do that's came up, it is so much paperwork involved, we can't do that". tarshit management is just amazingly stupid, and isn't at all used to someone calling them on their BS.They will make up NCNS' if they want someone gone badly enough, or will make up some other reason, (they are very good at lying and making things up as we know from reviews), again HUGE KUDOS to LEROY24, a TL with his head and his heart screwed in the right place. YEAH!!!!

  • Integritymybullseye says:

    Let my take a wild guess, "leroy24" has never been coached,written up, lied to retaliated against etc etc. No shit they would rather have you quit than fire someone (no unemployment ins. to pay)."Don’t worry about the coaching! Unless of course you want to transfer to a different area then it will become a problem but that’s it". That's just the beginning. Target can cut your hours, schedule shit hours, put you under surveillance have performance discussions every day or just make your tarshit life even more hellish.
    Think you will ever get promoted? Ever hear a LOD ETL STL at a huddle say "look at me, I've been coached many times and now look where I'm at. What a great learning tool coaching is!!! What the heck is a coaching conversation? At the store I worked at we used to take bets on how it would take a team member to get coached if they wouldn't leave early from the flow team to help with payroll hours.

  • expectmorepayless says:

    I am a cashier who just got my team member evaluation. The GSTL who wrote it didn't even know that I know how to cover for guest service and clerical. I am at the top of the chart for red card conversion. Before the breach my philosophy on asking customers for red cards was this: If I didn't like the customer I had fun irritating them with pushing the red card. If I did like the customer, I honestly thought they deserved a free 5% discount, and I'd offer the debit card. But then the breach occurred. And it pisses me off that they knew it was happening as early as Dec 2nd but didn't announce it until Dec 17th. It pisses me off that they frame the breach as something a criminal did to them, and not as criminal negligence on their part. It pisses me off that they knowingly allowed millions of innocent people to use their credit cards when they knew that all of those cards were being breached. It pisses me off that they made us ask every customer for red cards when they knew that all the personal information entered for application was going directly to the hackers. It pisses me off that two seasonal cashiers were fired from our store for refusing to push red cards during the period of time that Target execs already KNEW they being hacked but they had not announced it to the public yet. I had my health insurance for 6 months. I don't know why I didn't get the hell out of Dodge as soon as I got my $500 pay out for fucking us over with taking away our health insurance benefit because they need the money to pay for all the law suits filed against them for fucking over their own customer/client base. I kept the dental insurance thinking I'd get my teeth cleaned one more time before blowing the joint. I went to the dentist, but when he did a routing blood pressure check, my bp was dangerously high. He told me to go to the doctor immediately! Yeah, Target paid me less than $10,000 last year, and I live in a state where medicaid was not expanded. I am 59, no spring chicken, but still too young for medicare. I finally asked myself, why would I stay at a soulless corporation that pays a tad over minimum wage with no benefits where your only 'reward' for pushing red cards is that you get to keep your shitty job. I finally came to the conclusion that if I'm going to have a stroke or a heart attack, I sure as hell don't want it to be at Target while pitching the red card.


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