Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

November 28, 2013 - The_truth09

Does anyone else have these pet peeves?

So, working at Target I have developed a lot of pet peeves while working the front lanes as a cashier and cart attendant that irritate me everyday. After reading my list, post your pet peeves in the comments


1. People come in my line to check out and say, ” I only came in for a couple of things and end up leaving with a cart full of stuff.”

I want to say so bad that well ma’am, or sir, apparently you have no self control over your spending that you cant walk in and get what you came in for.”


2.  I am standing at my lane with my light on  with no one in my line someone will come up to me and ask,” Excuse me sir, are you open.”


3. When the guest is using the pin pad and they ask me, what does if you want it all on the card mean

I am like really, you really cant put two and two together


4. When people take their time trying to figure out how they are gonna pay or enters the wrong pin number three times in a row.  I think these people know that cashiers get rated on how fast they are checking people out and want to make someone lose that 100 percent


5. When the GSTL are not giving people their breaks and meal periods on time.  If you have a print out that has times that people should take their breaks, follow the sheet, The GSTL are not the ones standing in one spot for hour and hours and hours at a time, we get tired and want to get off our feets for a while.


6. I hate it when  that one L.O.D who takes the “guest come first” to a whole new level.

L.O.D=” Hey, why is your light off.”
Me         ” I am about to go on my 15 minute break.”
L.O.D       ” No, I need you on the lane. The guest always come first and we need to get them out of here.

Me.           -_-


7. When that  GSTL who you don’t like is on the same shift as you and see you doing nothing and says, ” When you do not have any guest, zone the lanes.”

8. When A.P think they are the bad asses when they have their “Target rent a cop uniform on.”

No one cares that you have handcuffs, a badge, no gun, and can tackle people for stealing but your ass will be the first one shot when someone comes in the store with a fun. Who is the bad ass now.

9. When you are scheduled for a short shift and excited because you will be able to go home and enjoy your day and the L.O.D or TL ask you to stay for a couple more hours

For example, I was scheduled 8am-12pm. Someone called out and who did they come find…( ME) and if you say No you cant stay the L.O.D or TL makes you feel like shit


10. When you are on lunch break and head to P Fresh to get some fruit and someone stops you and ask you a question. I politely tell them sorry I cant help you because I am not on the clock which means I would be working off the clock which to Target its a huge NO, NO. I could get fired for that.

” Sooo, can you help me or not. ”


11. As a cart attendant when people leave their trash in the carts. Its not hard when you walk out the door put there is a trash can that is 2 feet away from the front door.

12. When guest put their hand baskets full of stuff on the belt expecting me to take it out.
Every time some does that I look at them, they look at me, and I look at them and ask them if they could take the items out so I can check them out quicker

13. When you are ringing up other items and people hand you clothing items and say, ” I dont want to get them dirty and put them on the belt. -_-



`14. the all time worst one
People who bring reusable bags that stink,  and expect me to bag their groceries. ( NOT HAPPENING)


This is just some of the things that I have found out that irritates me while I am working at Target.


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  • skrepo says:

    I have my qualms about working with Target for as many years as I did. Management I could not stand due to their ineffectiveness and corporate's half cocked ideas that put way too much pressure on team members to perform beyond reason, but I also had a problem with dumb team members as well.

    Your list exemplifies that in a nutshell for me.

    For your #1, you have somebody that is trying to have a little small talk with you and you completely blow off that person as nothing. I guess you prefer the person looking at their phone or talking on the phone the entire time you are doing their transaction for them. I guess you prefer the person with the 300 coupons who will contest you every time a coupon is challenged in the system. I guess you prefer the person shouting at you because your Target does not have a particular soap in stock. Pick your battles dude and appreciate the good people who come through on occasion.

    Your #2 is just petty. Make light of it and draw them into your lane.

    Your #3 is usually a problem for older folks that I have dealt with. Assist them period.

    Your #4 everybody has gone through as a cashier. You will be surprised how many who shop at Target dont know about the grading. When I tell people who I know about it they were shocked and actually felt bad that they are dinging the cashier by their "slowness". Way around it is for you to cycle between the total and the back button when you get a slow payer. It resets the time. When they are ready to pay finalize the total.

    #5-8- Welcome to Target.

    Your #9- If security is not jumping down your throat or up your butt, dont worry about what they do. All security has a certain hard edge to them and is nothing new.

    Your #10- The red and khaki is a Target uniform and you represent the "brand" (god how I hate that word) if you are still wearing it on break. In any job where there is a uniform you represent the company as is. If you are bothered by a customer coming up to you direct them to the nearest team member. It is not that damn hard.

    Your #11 I completely agree with.

    Your #12-It depends on the cashier. I personally like it all in the hand basket as I can guide the hand basket to the scanner and scan items away quickly. With everything out of the basket I have to reach over the belt to get items especially when the belt is faulty or just plain slow. The basket helps a lot when you have small items. Balsy to ask the customer to pull out items from the basket but some like it one way some the other I guess.

    Your #13- Ah people paranoid about germs. I had one lady actually gave me a luffa in hand and ordered me to scan in mid air and not allow it to even touch nor be put into a plastic bag.

    Your #14- I like to see how environmentally friendly people are when I ask them if they really want their comet scrubbing powder with their steaks. 98% of them, put in a plastic bag to hell with mother earth.

  • skrepo says:

    Whoops I mixed up #9 with #8. The correct #9 has always been a problem at Target as management uses that against you as you not being a team player. Unfortunately sometimes it hard for management to realize that people have a life outside of Target. One can only get so passionate about retail after awhile.

  • Taylor_167 says:

    This is so accurate! I hate when "guests" are sarcastic about "do you want it all on the card" like calm down and keep your opinion to yourself.

    And when there are no guests, I'm not going to zone the same spot over and over again, it's sooooo stupid.

  • Silverfox says:

    #13 i agree. Some people have clearly never worked in the textile industry at all. Finished bolts of cloths are all over the place and thrown onto the floor. Also handled a lot during the inspection purposes and then after the raw material gets made into clothing for customer to wear it may have ended up on the floor before being shipped to target at the factory. So those people being paranoid about germs is useless. Just wash the damned thing before wearing it. We did that with all the jeans

  • MsVendetta87 says:

    Although I agree with the majority of your listed peeves, there are a few that I do not agree with at all. I am not trying to sound like any of the GSTLs you don't like but when you have down time, you are required to zone the front lanes, and hell at my Target not only do you zone the front lanes but you take back your own stack of baskets, clean under your register, sort your own reshop behind GS, restock gift cards, zone accessories, sort girls softlines reshop and zone girls department. Other than a softlines team member zoning girls department all the other responsibilities listed are REQUIRED by all cashiers. Yes, standing behind the register is tiring but so is working sales floor and pulling heavy flats, moving stuff, picking up and sorting reshop, chasing team members all over the store looking for an item like it's a rat race. I would rather be a cashier with all these responsibilities than be sales floor or fitting room/softlines.

    Comment about guests being particular about their garments touching the belt. Please tell me when is the last time you have cleaned the belt with solution? And furthermore please tell me which cashiers regularly clean the register belts? I'm going to assume the same as it is at my store, you can't. And if the garment is a pastel, white or light saturated fabric it can get dirty and if they are buying it is it that big of a deal to be cautious of potential dirty surfaces? I work in the fitting room and just from guests draping garments over the room doors will sometimes embed dust into the fabric from the top of the compartment walls. And what is Target policy with damaged product? Repackage or marked off as damaged. And typically dirty apparel items are NOT allowed back on the floor for a discounted price because that is not brand.

    Also hate to disagree again but I personally being diagnosed with OCD can completely understand where the guest who simply requested you not man-handle their hygiene utensil is understandable and again as much as it seems trivial and tedious what difference does it really make to you comparatively as opposed to what it matters to the person going home with the item.

    AND lastly, bagging comet powder with perishable food items is not just a target policy but a basic NO NO health hazard that is covered on the test one has to qualify for a food-handlers permit. I hope you stick to retail and not branch out into the hospitality business if you think it's ok to store hazardous chemicals with consumables. Also putting chemicals in plastic containers/bags is typical, if the chemical were to leak or the container to become broken the reusable bag would be ruined and unusable even if thoroughly washed.


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