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November 18, 2011 - Simpson01

Do not stand behind their products!

I purchased 10 boxes of lights last season. I went to use them this year, and only 3 out of 10 worked.I live 45 min. from the closest store, drove there to exchange/refund them, manager stated they were no longer in the system. The boxes all have “Mfd. for Target Corporation,” “,” and “Copyright Target,USA” all over them, but they REFUSED to take them back or exchange. I called Target Home Office, and after 4 transfers, on hold for 25 minutes, and given the TOTAL run-around by totally RUDE associates, I was told “There was nothing they could do.” What a crock of shit! These packages were not “Philips” or “GE” or any other kind of lights, they are TARGET BRAND lights, and they refuse to take them back. I know I probably should have plugged them in before I left the store, but who would think 7 out of 10 would not work? They just lost all business from me and my entire family! They sell such inferior products, they will not even stand behind their OWN PRODUCTS!


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  • ihatered says:

    You bought them a year ago. Receipts expire after 90 days, stupid. This is why Target employees hate you.

    • TargetsTarget says:

      RIGHT?!?!?!?!?! No big company is going to take back something that's potentially even older than that! They could've been used for 5 years and went bad & here you are trying to get new one's for free. If you don't have a reciept all companies give you the lowest selling price & most seasonal items get marked down to almost nothing so you would've gotten 10% of what you paid, if you're lucky!!!! Actually, if I had been there I would've given you that out of my pocket just for laughs!


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