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November 6, 2011 - hotmoma22

Do not register your baby or wedding with Target. They lie and don’t care for mothers.

tried to return something that someone had bought my baby.  they said we were 10 days past the return window, yet they lied about that when we signed up for the baby registry.  target said the normal return policy doesn’t apply to registries, yet when we came to return an unopened item WITH THE RECEIPT, they said SORRY me and my baby were out of luck, they deleted all registries two weeks ago to move to a new system.  This was only two weeks after the shower!!!!   They admitted that if our names were in the new registry we could return or exchange, but since THEY switched systems there was nothing they could do.

HORRIBLE RETURN POLICY, THEY LIED TO US WHEN SETTING UP THE REGISTRY, and the store manager was a complete asshole offering nothing while I had my baby crying next to me.  Horrible experience, horrible return policy, no customer service, and I am going to send out Christmas cards saying the baby is doing great, but please do not ever shop at target as they have tortured me an my baby with their LIES and disrespect for mothers, babies, and don’t know how to treat people.  HORRIBLE……….  I cried when I left, called my husband, and told him I should have listened to him to begin with.  He didn’t want us to register at target to begin with (he hasn’t stepped foot in the store in 10 years because of a similar thing in college).  Do not register for a wedding at target.  Do not register for a baby shower at Target.  Do not buy anything from a Target.  I hate how they lied.  I hate how they made me cry.  I hate thinking about this anymore.



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  • serviceslave says:

    Whenever you start a registry at Target, they give you information and verbally speak the information to you in that you have 90 days past the EVENT DATE you list on your registry profile in order to return items from your registry. This is how they mimic the 90 day from sales date return policies for guests purchasing items with receipts on demand. You are even able to print out your GIFT PURCHASE LOG and return up to 150 dollars worth of merchandise even if it is NOT ON YOUR REGISTRY. so, go to the kiosk, print the PURCHASE LOG and you can return items. Also, if you have gift receipts dated within 90 days you an of course do returns that way. If it has been 90 days past your event date aka your baby is more than 3 months old... it is too late. Whenever you register or purchase items from any retailer anywhere, you enter into a contract that you must educate yourself on.

  • serviceslave says:

    On a side note, your registry log in profile is deleted after 90 days in an effort to keep on par with the 90 days past event date return policy.


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