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June 7, 2018 - pettyprincess


So! I’ve only been working for Target for about 7 almost 8 months now, not that long I know. I got hired on as seasonal in October and they deiced to keep me which I was in shock but so so happy for! I got hired on as a cashier which I was terrified for because you deal with the guests hand on hand and are expected¬†them to leave with a good impression. Around end of March my GSTL told me she was considering me as a new GSA. Which oblivious I was pretty shocked and happy. She noticed my “Natural Leadership skill” and how well I manage the front when I cover the GSA breaks/lunches. Granted if there was a GSA call out or no one could cover a shift they trusted me to be that Front End Manager. I’ve covered many shifts from March to now of that position. I knew my competition for the GSA spot was a fellow cashier, she was amazing too but they never call her to cover shifts it’s mainly me.¬† So I felt pretty confident in myself and thought I had it in the bag, man was I wrong and when I heard the news I was sad. They chose the other girl. And the only reason they gave me why they didn’t choose me was because “I too buddy buddy with everyone”. It’s been 2 weeks now and the other girl isn’t holding up to par and I’m the one to fill in her shifts but they’re not gonna make me a GSA. Part of me thinks it because I have cancer (all higher up people know) is the real reason why they didn’t choose me. They wont say but it’s frustrating because I just want to know why, and is it even worth it for me even to stay if I’m getting treated like this? I don’t know anymore.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    They discriminate because of health and disability. I know because since they heard I have diabetes, they treated me like crap. Especially in these last few years.


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