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April 16, 2017 - 904Tor

Why I am dead inside and how Target is to blame

I have worked for Target for five years, now.

In that time I have consistently grown in the business. I went from stocking, to setting POGs, to even being a major part of a store remodel.

After this I held a position that had me in charge of produce, which eventually had me leading a team of stockers. In the time I held that position I wondered why I did TL duties, but was considered an average TM. I was told it was for growth. So I bided my time and a year later was given a TL position over another part of the store. Another year passes and I am told that position and its neighboring position are simply being taken off Target’s listings. No longer needed. Where did that leave me?

I floated around and was told I would still remain a TL. Part of the phasing out of my previous position meant more focus on grocery. So all of food, including food service, had a unified TL. I was asked to work alongside this person and would be serving as a lead to the other half of team.

In the many discussions my ETL and STL had with me, I was never told I would lose my title.

I was never told I would take a paycut at the same time everyone else is getting their yearly raise.

I lost almost four dollars an hour.

Over 300 dollars per check.

All of this without my knowledge. They changed my pay the week that TL raises go into effect, but not when TM raises did.

Why? Why do this to a loyal team member? Why do this to someone who has invested so much into this job only to be shit on after so long?


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