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August 30, 2015 - cart attendant joseph

Dead end job.

When I first got my job at Target as a cart attendant, I was pretty excited, first job, we all know the feeling. 3 months later, I wanted to quit, I do everything, EVERYTHING, I take charge of the whole damn store, what the fuck, we have like 30 employees, (fuck yeah I said employees, done with that team member bullshit) working, why the hell can’t they do some shit, why can’t there be a janitor? Why the fucking hell do I gotta take out the trash at Starbucks and the Café, do restroom check up’s, clean up shit (literally shit) when some little boy decides to take a dump near the toilet in the women’s restroom, and their selfish mother leaving it on the floor for the CA to clean it up, or when a little girl decides to piss in Starbucks, all over the damn chairs and the floor instead of going to the bathroom 10 feet away, what the flying fuck kind of shit is this? I do every god damn thing in the store, I don’t see the LOD doing shit but running guest service or sorting re-shop, how about they do some of the shit I gotta struggle to do on a busy ass Saturday afternoon when there is no carts at all and they still expect me to be on top of everything. Fucking lazy ass pricks working here. AP don’t do shit but walk around doing re-shop and flirting with EVERY fucking girl that walks past him and checking them out, do you’re damn job you fucking perverted ass wipe. Then with this horse shit schedule, 10 am to 6:30??? What the fuck? There goes my whole damn day, I’m there for an extra 3 and a half hours doing nothing at all on a dead ass Thursday afternoon but collecting hangers and re-shop, just floating around doing nothing cause there is 2 CA’s and the other guy is a damn beast, he takes care of everything, so there’s nothing for me to do at all and I get chewed out cause I’m not doing nothing, well bitch, let me fucking go home since there isn’t shit to do, NOOOO, hop on a register for backup, WHAT FUCKING BACKUP??  There’s nothing to backup!! There’s 6 cashiers already and there is no guest’s to take, so I’m just gonna be on a register doing nothing, big fucking difference you lazy fat fucks. Not even half done with all the shit us CA’s gotta deal with, but I gotta go to Hell at 10 am tomorrow morning and get off at 6 motherfucking 30 for mindless labor. Later fellow slaves.


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  • Silverfox says:

    hmm, even at unionized places cart attendants have to do all that crap. Except where I work the bathroom duty and spill clean up duty is separated from price checker and cart attendant. But technically that is in their job description as well. As for your 8 hour shift count yourself lucky as it's a proper shift with a 30 unpaid break put in, and 2 fifteens. Take the chance to get rid of put aways before it piles up while it's busy and you have no time to deal with it and price checks as well.

  • FucktheRedCard says:

    You're lucky having 6 casheirs lol. We have like 2 even on a mother fucking weekend its stupid. I mainly work electronics but when im scheduled hardlines its basically acashier shift since the lazy fat-assed doftline housewives must not know what a walkie is.

    • cart attendant joseph says:

      For real, soft lines don't do shit but fold clothes, and the operator job seems pretty fun. . . sitting down all day answering the phone and occasionally folding clothes and sorting reshop.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Cart attendants are just waaaaay underpaid for all the tasks they have to do. It is unfair the amount of work they have to do for a couple cents above minimum wage.

    • Bombcar says:

      Couple of cents above minimum wage? At my now former store cart attendants are paid the same as cashiers.

    • cart attendant joseph says:

      Not even about to lie, the pay isn't so bad. Minimum wage here in South Carolina is $7.25 and I get paid $9.00, but I hear Wal-Mart's pay is like $10.00.

  • IncomeAndGrowth says:

    Good luck, fellow cart attendant. One of the perks of quitting Target is that I can openly bad mouth people who leave shit in their carts while standing in line (I only ever buy gum or a soda from Target).

  • Sniper says:

    At our store, we have two janitors that are here once in the morning and once near close. Not everyday but some days.


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