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May 12, 2015 - trustno1

Confessions of an overnight TM

I work overnights at Target a couple nights a week, due to family issues i’m going through. Anyway, I had been a Flow TM for 6 months and gradually moved to the backroom. Everything about working here sucks, as many of you already know. The pay is horrendous, but marginally better than those that work dayside.When my review came up my raise didn’t amount to much.

My coworkers are not “fast, fun or friendly” and constantly bitch about each other and seem genuinely unhappy with their jobs. I’m surrounded by so much negativity that i’m surprised i’m still there. But, the unhappiness with the company is evident with the number of turnovers they have, which is a lot.

The training is non-existent. Whenever I got trained for something specific I got paired with someone who showed me the ropes for 1-2 days at best. It was sink or swim. On top of that, no one went out of the way to tell you how things are supposed to be done. I can’t count the number of times a mistake was pointed out to me after the fact. It was often because no one volunteered workplace protocol on how to do specific tasks.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the ETL’s seem to have some false sense of superiority over everyone else. They seem to think that because they interned during college and now work as an ETL their role within the company somehow makes them better. I find it insulting when some 24 year old piss ant can’t hold a conversation with me because they think i’m some low-level grunt with shit for brains. Get over yourselves.

Because the turnover rate is so high, ETL’s will routinely schedule everyone to work long hours during the holiday season. I’m talking in the range of 50-60 hrs per week. It’s no wonder Target is anti-Union, it would mean everyone would be entitled to a 40 hr work week with better pay. Here’s a hint for anyone at Target Corporate: Better wages equals better employees. When you treat your employees well, they’re happier, they’re more productive and they stay with you longer. When you pay them crappy wages and treat them like slave laborers, you lose more employees. Take a hint from Costco, you morons.

Whatever you do, do not work for Target. Next to Walmart, they are one of the worst companies to work for.


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  • Twispy says:

    People from Backroom always tell me to not work in the backroom

  • Silverfox says:

    it's probably why they lost the battle against walmart in Canada. And all the other Canadian chains. Everyone dug their feet in and fought. Though London Drugs was like who me? I'm not scared of old Target. Let them come at me. and try to steal my market share. ha they were right. 2 years later, tarshit left running for the hills.


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