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May 1, 2017 - Targetplz


This happened a long time ago, but I had never had the chance to rant about it.

I worked between Hardlines/Cashier mainly for six months, but I did know how to pull freezers for Market and how to work Electronics, and almost everyday I went in to work I felt like complete shit. Regardless of that, I have never called off and was always willing to help any department in the store that needed it, and it sucks that the team leads nor the LODs ever appreciate me or anyone for that matter. I was bashed on for getting an average around 2-3 red cards a week, and it felt horrible to be scolded about that because I was really trying my best. There were days I skipped my breaks, so I can help bend over backwards to make-up for call offs because lines can get really long. On to the point of the story, during my last week of work, one of the full timers asked me how many sick hours I had accumulated, and I replied back with a plethora of questions. In the state of California, you apparently get 1 sick hour for every 20 hours you work and I had no idea about that. There were so many days where I wanted to call off because I felt like shit, but I didn’t because I knew how bad it would be if I had called off on any day. I asked Hr for the forms, and they said that they would give them to me when I start to use them. Guess what? I became unscheduled for the entire last week that I was supposed to work. Fuck you, Target. I put in so much fucking work in that store, and I really needed that last week of payroll so I could help support my brother who cannot support himself at the moment. I have since been working at a new job, and my team leads and managers have been so understanding when I made mistakes or when I asked a ton of questions because I did not know anything when I was new. If I did that at Target? I get pulled to the backroom and get lectured on basically how I am dragging the team down by doing that kind of stuff. On my first week of Target? I got lectured on why I was so slow and did not know anything. Like, fuck off dude just because you are miserable does not mean you have to spread that misery to me, fellow team members, and the “guests.” My new job let me know about my sick hours first thing when I started, and that I don’t have to state the reason why I am calling off for work when I have to do so! On my 2nd week of work when I had to call off for a day, they were real cool about it by saying to take care of myself and hoped that my situation gets better. On top of that, the holiday pay and regular pay beat Target by a long shot. Most importantly, I feel so much more appreciated.

To the other team members out there that are currently stuck working at that hell hole, I really hope that things do get better for you guys. I basically got lucky after I quit Target. I hope you all find yourselves in better situations in the future, and to keep striving for that.


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  • iwanttobreakfree says:

    Target is so rude when it comes to calling out. I worked there for a year and called out I think 5 times. Yeah that's not great, but I don't think it's too shabby considering when my friend was interviewed, they told her at Target you get one callout a month. But I remember one time I called out because my car wouldn't start and the LOD told me to call an Uber.


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