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August 13, 2018 - LOLs247

Cartwheel is BS

Cartwheel is a NIGHTMARE for the workers, WORST IDEA EVER!! People always confuse the stores paper Ad’s with the cartwheel and its a clusterfuck!! NO you cant get 50% off on that item just because you “thought” you saw an ad for something similar online or on a tag for a misplaced item!!! Tarshit was like let us sell a bunch of overpriced shit and come up with more gimmicky coupons for people to use on their phones, so after ringing up a ZILLION items you get people holding their phones for you to scan and them saying they didnt see it take their 3% cartwheel discount off their toilet paper (which cartwheel isn’t applied before you hit total, another reason is sucks) so you have to explain, and then their phone dies or they didnt scan the items with their phone and you’ve already got everything bagged up, then you have to go through everything 1 by 1 on the screen and change the price manually, worst fucking idea EVER!!!!!


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