Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 13, 2016 - Nergal

Carts are for items

I work as a cart attendant. You know the guy who has an absurd amount of work and needs to work at 300% in order to keep up. This rant will be pretty long so hold on to your shit horses, it’s gonna be bumpy.


Lets start at the entrance where people select their cart based on its overall condition and whether the last person who used it didn’t leave trash inside of it. Now sure, you can say well as a cart attendant you need to remove the trash. But FUCK THAT! Are you insane? If I did that, I’d be outside for a solid hour removing diapers and fucking starbucks cups and napkins from each and every cart and WTF people! Why are you leaving your disgusting childs excrement in a shopping carts. That tells a lot about your hygiene. You lazy fucking cunts!



Now, I hate that target has implemented a Starbucks into every store. It sure is fun for the people who don’t work there and simply toss their cups into a cart and drive away. If I received a dollar for every time that has happened, I shit you not I’d easily have 5,000 dollars. So to sum it up fuck off Starbucks your coffee is mediocre at best, I don’t see what all the hype is about.


I don’t know why every employee at target seems to think cart attendant is simply that. No! It’s not. I have countless duties. I have to keep up with carts, keep the males, females and unisex restrooms clean at all times. Clean any and all spills of any kind. This includes feces, vomit, piss, blood. I must do hangers. Do any and all carryouts and carry-ins. Be a backup cashier whenever deemed necessary. Redistribute hand baskets. Now keep in mind all this must be done while keeping up with carts. God forbid these mindless compulsive shoppers go without a cart and only end up buying 2 small items.









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  • viciousdave says:

    I feel the same, why are people so lazy? Oh it hurts so bad to walk over to that trash at the front doors of GM side or starbucks or the many garbage domains in the grey parts underneath the phones in some of the aisles of the store. America, the land of the fat lazy bastards. Sure I got some hearing problems and I'm short but I got no problem doing things like simple trash. People are just stupid. Especially working cashier as I do, people leave there cart right at the end of the lane, what the fuck? What so the next person has to push it out of the way, because the person who had it just wanted to grab there 3 paper bags of stuff and didn't want to push there cart to the carts again take out there bags and than push the cart back in with there gut at least? The bathroom stalls, one of them is almost always broken, maybe sometimes not broken just someone stupid shit in a urinal. WTF? That's for regular standing going number one, duh. WTF, where do these people come from, bad southern towns and learn to be shit heads there whole life? I don't get people and ever since working at target I've learned that people suck.

  • RedcardWarrior says:

    Your Starbucks comments made me laugh. I don't work there anymore. But, any time that I'm somehow subjected to going into a target I see empty starbucks cups left all over the damn store. Just shows that some people see target as shit and treat it as such.


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