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August 7, 2013 - SayWhaaat

Cart Attendants…. The hardest workers in the store!

1371 isn’t a bad store to work at. The employees are really nice and very chill…this includes 99% of the management as well.

The only problems I have is the constant NEEDS and wants for Cart Attendants. I’ve been pushing carts at my store since late ’06 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it until around ’12. We were only expected to do our job and everything was hunky-dory. Out of the blue, something changed…

We are expected to cover cashiers, Target Cafe, Guest Service, and sometimes GSA’s for their breaks. We are to take the Salesfloor’s trash to the backroom, clean the breakroom, clean Target Cafe at closing time, zone the salesfloor when the store closes, etc…. All on top of our own responsibilities. Do we get paid extra for this? Nope.

I brought all of this up to my HR-TL and just last week…I’ve been given a break. He informed me that I will be scheduled to leave at 10 so I can leave once the closing announcements are made. At least that’s a start, right?

Next, I’ll be contacting Corporate for a change in pay grade. Being on the same pay grade as a cashier is a bit insulting, especially when Electronics gets a pay grade higher.

We do the cleaning, the carts, the zoning,… the poop, pee, blood, vomit…. the heat, the cold, rain, sun…. We do everything. We are the slave laborers of Target.
UNITE!!! Let’s get paid more!



PS… End rant.


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