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December 28, 2014 - targetslave1

Cart Attendant’s rant

So i started working at target 4 months ago, and for the most part I don’t mind being a cart attendant despite the work load. I really only have 2 complaints, first are bathroom checks.  Being that they refuse to hire a girl cart attendant, busy days means it’s literally impossible to clean the women’s bathroom for us. It’s not uncommon for me to spend 20 minutes to get into the bathroom just to pick up toilet paper and press the button.  And of course no one else wants to clean the bathroom so we get no help with that. But when we stop spending time doing bathroom checks our scores go down and I get in trouble for not cleaning the bathroom every hour, as if it’s better to have a clean bathroom than to have carts inside. My other problem is the awful management, namely one STL. She’s one of those bitches that is constantly on the radio, walking around the store constantly searching for stuff to tell people to do, I can’t tell you how many times she’s told me to walk all over the store cuz “there’s stray carts all over” and I stop pushing carts outside to find one cart in the store that she couldn’t take herself. The shittiest thing she’s done though is when I’m closing and she wont let me leave until EVERY cart is inside. I don’t mind because I do that anyway, but when I ask her to keep a door open for me so that I can actually bring the carts in, she tells me she has to lock up all of the doors and I need to go through the employee door, even though I can’t get back in through there and definitely can’t bring carts through it. She’s also one of those managers that seem to be common at targets, acts super nice when others are around but when by yourself she gets nasty and feels like she’s above us. You can literally ask any TM what they think of her and most will call her an evil bitch.


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  • trashtalk says:

    That's "leadership" at Target. Micro-manage on the radio. So annoying to listen to.

    • targetslave1 says:

      I can't stand it! Especially since I have to keep the radio right by my ear to hear it over the noise from carts and it's like they're yelling into the radio 24/7! I especially hate when they are talking about non related work stuff cuz then no one else can even use the damn radio.

  • TargetMinion says:

    That's all LODs do for 90% of their shift. Sit in Clerical and bark orders over the radio. The other 10% is eating lunch and going to the bathroom. They're overpaid assholes.


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