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December 27, 2013 - samielle

Cart attendant and all bull

I have worked at a specific target for almost 7 months. During my seven months, I have been talked to at least six times. One of them was a coaching session. I have been talked to about being slow and trying to be fast. Recently, I get comments about one day specifically, a GSA said that they had to ask someone else to do my job (shovel snow and put down salt) because it was snowing. The problem is that the machine that we had doesn’t really work and didn’t work in the snow. I had to go out manually to grab carts and that was the only thing that I could have done. I don’t understand; I can’t be myself nor can I implement other coworkers (I don’t care for saying team members). Recently, I’m finding out that three security gaurds was fired and one was doing his job and a cashier was fired for ‘not doing her job’. Nothing makes sense anymore. Everything that I have seen is bullshit. If I had another job lined up, I would have left.


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  • pinkzinnia says:

    Our AP people are pretty good when they show up for work. most of the time our store has no security at all except for the cameras..
    How stupid is that, especially during the holidays.. You can almost watch the money walk out the door

  • The_truth09 says:

    To be honest, I am surprised Target doent have lawsuits on A.P. I have seen our A.P slam women to the ground because she stole a damn air card for a pre paid phone which isnt activated until you are at the registers. At my store they think they should be put on a damn pedestal or something but I always crush that immediately and say, if someone comes in the store opening fire, they will be the first one to go.

    As for the cart attendant thing, I didnt know GSA was in charge of somebody, thought that was the GSTL, and if they see you are busy with other shit they should of took the responsibility and did it themselves

  • buymeamovie1st says:

    The cart attendant is the equivalent of the Jews building the pyramids in Egypt lol work impossible amount of tasks in ridiculous fashions and times and if you dare so much as fart or not look happy you get a "coaching" The poor bastards that were cart guys at my store were so overworked I would often go help them get carts from the parking lot because it was better than hawking a bullshit red card or teling some cheap ass customer why they couldn't get a item for sale price when the sale ended a week ago


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