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September 7, 2014 - dtlhater


I made a trip to Vancouver Island and visited both Targ stores in Victoria and the one in Nanaimo yesterday and today. I cant believe the emptiness and that each was in a state of redville. And I thought the Vancouver stores were bad. Out of stocks were rampant and store conditions were deplorable (is there a way to attach pictures to this site?). I talked to TM’s and a TL and their response was it was busy last weekend and they hadn’t been able to recover or fill the shelves. You have to wonder if this is poor strategic planning (was it a surprise we had a Labor Day Weekend that is always one of the busiest weekends of the year), lousy levels of distribution replenishing sales or a lack of TMs to do what is needed to be done. This was EMBARRASSING to say the least – customers (oops… guests..) were laughing or speaking extremely critically of the stores! All leadership is off to Minneapolis for the annual waste of time and money meetings this week  – cant wait to hear the propaganda. There is no chance this sinking ship can turn fast enough to save the foray into Canada. Yet another striking example of useless leadership up to and beyond the group level. buh bye tarshit!


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  • John Cree says:

    My ex-store 1489 in the last five years was never prepared for "Black Friday." On a particularly special Black Friday they lost track of all the electronic keys, all Four of them. The next year they solved this problem by having 6 extras keys made just for that day. The last Black Friday they took the key I had from me, I was running product from the backroom, the LOCKED backroom.

    There is no way the leadership they currently hire and encourage could possibly be prepared, motivated, or competent in the jobs they need to do. Target needs a massive shift in staff. They waste so much money by having these down right stupid people in management positions. I hope the Canada situation is bleeding them to the point of breaking, Target deserves nothing better then to continue to loose profit to their own stupid management policies.

  • disgusted says:

    to the tune of "Good night Ladies" ........GOOD BYE TARSHIT, GOOD BYE TARSHIT, GOOD BYE TARSHIT, IT'S a shame you don't know how to treat people decently!!!!!!!!

    By 2015, no tarshit Canada, is forecasted!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

  • Silverfox says:

    hey canadian gals and gentlemen.

    I linked a couple of blog posts to that thread already, No tarshit employee has posted there yet.

    It's the rfd effect. I never even bothered venturing into target after I read on there that tarshit had tons of empty shelves. Figured what was the point. Only went in because I was bored and wanting to kill time after getting off class early. Spread the word! Tarshit is bad bad !

  • Silverfox says:

    Update: apparently tarshit thinks cherry coke will help it win canadians back

  • SusieH says:

    The space is empty bc the shelves cant hold enough shit. Only X amount of product and it isnt se stocked until the next day.

    That's why its empty. Oh yeah and no one gives a fuck about being treated like shit.

    • Silverfox says:

      That's their excuse now???!!!! omfg. excuse after excuse. First it was opening problems. Then it was because they couldn't keep up with the hype. Now it's because there's not enough space on the shelves? Looks like they won't last long. That is a fucking stupid reason tarshit. Come up with a better excuse that's not as lame.


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