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September 13, 2015 - Supra Human

Can Target LOD’s make a schedule? I DON’T THINK SO!

Hello everyone, I am Alex who worked at a Target.

I was hired during the summer of 2015 and when the hiring manager asked me my availability I said “Open to close, but once school starts my hours will need to be cut”.  Sadly the hiring LOD had wax in her ears when I said this.  So two months passed by (let me add that these were probably the worst 2 months I have had in a long time) and school finally started.  However I didn’t get my finalized school schedule until two days before school started, so the schedule for those weeks were already made.  I gave a copy of the schedule to the HR department because no body told me to go to the EHR program and request a change in availability.  The LOD’s continued to schedule me in days I couldn’t work because of school.  So I had my first meeting with the LOD about my Attendance.  He put me on probation like usual.  So I started asking others to cover my shifts because I wouldn’t waste a single day of school for Target.  Others agreed to take over my shifts and LOD’s approved.  This week I took a look at the schedule to see what it would be like for me and I noticed a huge problem.  I wasn’t on the schedule.  So I proceeded to meet up with the GM who was in his office and said “I think there is a mistake because I’m not on the schedule for this upcoming week”.  He then walked to the schedule board and said “Huh?  That’s odd.  Maybe the LOD messed up”.  He then added “If we were going to let you go we wouldn’t do it like that”.  I then said ok and left.  So yesterday ( today’s date is 9/11/15) I was called into the ETL guest service office.  At the time I didn’t understand what was going on.  So I sat down and she brought up that I didn’t show up on a day last week.  When she started to begin to discuss the probation I interrupted her and said “Stop, I don’t understand how you are saying that I didn’t show up when I got a LOD to cover my shift for that day”.  I then got the swap shift binder and pointed out when I swapped the shift.  She then said “Oh!  alright that means everything is good!”  I should have known better to see that she was lying because the next day in the middle of my shift, I got pulled out of my check lane and into the HR office.  Then the other manager (Not the GM let me add) was there and so was the LOD I spoke to yesterday.  They then proceeded to fire me, I knew that no argument I had could save my job.  They then said how my attendance is the problem and this other bullshit.  I was done, I then took off my name badge and destroyed it in front of them.  I ended the conversation with “Good day”.

As of now ( 11:30 pm, 9/11/15)  I am still unemployed and slightly shaken because this is the first time I have ever been fired.  I took time to read the other posts on this website and I’m glad I did.  I am glad to hear that there are other great people who have had to deal with shitty people like the LOD’s at Target.  Reading everyone else’s posts comforted me because I knew I wasn’t alone.  I heard the stories before by friends who have worked at a Target, but I didn’t heed their warnings.  I made the mistake of working at a Target and for those who have worked, currently work, or are looking to work at a Target, all I must say is RUN.  Don’t let the corporate giant take you down like they did to me.

Thank you for taking time to read this rant of anger,

Yours Truly,

Alex ( No longer from) Target.



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  • viciousdave says:

    What in the hell? You have school, don't they understand? They must be super r******d idiots. Oh yeah let's fire him, too many not coming ins, too many getting hours and days off, oh he's going against what we say. WTF? No you didn't at all to them, so WTF is there problem? Hello you have school, unbelieveable, what horrorfying job doesn't recognize nor remember the past. They probably are stupid and forgot to write a note oh ok this person goes to school in fall again. Duh easy. Laziest r*****s on earth target leaders are.

  • Silverfox says:

    target thinks the world revolves around them. Your best choice is to quit when school starts.

  • Tired2 says:

    They will lie and lie to you they really will i wss there for years but target is just as bad as walmart only they try to sugar coat it. I was lied to SOmany times and now my whole career life might be ruined because of them.its funny i seen a add for walmart workers from a law office on you tube to try to help them...but whos helping us? The people that work at target and ones forced to quit because of the stress,abd the good ones they fire? No one...its a sad thing

  • katieotter says:

    They're not good at following peoples outside obligations. All they care about is making sure their stuff gets done. The sad truth is they could care less about their employee's outside schedules.


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