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January 2, 2017 - Anonymous

Call ins

So I never usually call in during my 4 years working at target. Yet I see people around me calling in every other week or so. I save my call ins for when I really need them or get really sick. So I decided that I should call in after being sick all day during my day off. After calling I was informed that all call offs are now an automatic coaching. Uhhhhh I work in food. So now they want people to be sick around food all the time????


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Most states if not all states have laws against people working with food when sick. Find out your states law and just quote that when you're out sick, they can't do jack about it.

  • WeNeedJesus says:

    I recently got a lecture of calls in also.
    Dec. Have been a series of unafotunate occurances. Which the year I have worked there I never had a call in before this month. First I got Ammonia which lasted the better half of the end of black friday and about a month out of that. This almost hospilized me. I pushed myself to the extreme. Black friday I had 102 degree temperature and I asked to go home. Even the guest weren't coming to my line because I had to stop and cough several moments. My coworkers and guest all said I looked terrible but the leaders ignored it. There was times I was holding onto that register to keep from falling over. They never let me go home. I legitamalty should of walked out but I needed this job at least for right now. I called in a few days after that even though I should of took the whole week off. Then I got into a car accident that was not my fault. A semi truck ran into me and I had a bad concussion and a swollen head. I called in for a little under a week. I then got strept which is highly contagious and called in for a day.
    Honestly for the people who say they care so much about their guest they really don't care about them being healthy if their willing to let contagious workers ring them up and touch their food.
    Also I had doctor notes for each occurance that I kept. I also came back ealier than all those doctor notes recommended. When she brought this up and I said if I over worked myself to where I ended up in the hospital with Ammonia would Target pay my hospital bills. That shut her up and I also mentioned that she knows most of the time I come in no matter the hardships and I don't call in unless I need to. I added to that the fact that Ammonia is a very deadly disease that could kill any elder or child quickly ive seen people pass away from it and I wasn't going to be responsible for that. That really shut her up and I walked out of that office like a champ.
    I will also add that two of my co workers ended up in the hospital with ammonia. I called in because at the end of the day I would be left to pick up the bill.

  • TheBoxMan says:

    They have a hard on for call offs around this time every year. They get desperate every year for people because of the pick up in sales due to school (which is completely based off a debt bubble and is rooted in sub prime loans that are guaranteed by the US govt.) and then Christmas not that long after. Its the same shit every year. They need people but they treat people like shit and the job and pay sucks so having three people walk out in a day is not uncommon during these times. So they double down and being assholes to the people who are not seasonal hires and treat them like shit. Check with the unemployment laws for your area and try to stay in compliance so you can get unemployment money if they fire you is all I have to say.

    Its just a job after all. Probably could make more money on the dole in some areas.


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