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May 1, 2010 - Revolver1456

Burglarized, Fired, Screwed and Lied To

Let me first start by saying that this is the greatest web site ever conceived.

So here is my story of BS Target experience. I started working for the Garland Texas, Super Target in 2005 as a Backroom Team Member working the overnight shift. After 2 years I decided that I wanted to try dayside Produce out, it wasn’t a bad racket, I had 40 hours a week, benefits, certifications on backroom equipment, and a lot of respect among some, but not all of my former co-workers.

Well at some point the store started going downhill and along with it went my hours, I started working extra shifts and other departments just to make ends meets. I was working 16 hours a week, and I was having a lot conflicts with my manager. But the real corruption started at the end of June beginning of July, it all started on one of my days off, like every other Texan I am a gun owner and decided to spend my evening off at the local pistol range. I stayed there till close which was 9pm, I got home around 10 and was absolutely beat, so I went to bed and forgot to take my pistol out of my car, I told myself I would get it the next morning when I woke up to go to work the next morning.

The next morning I woke up and realized I had to be at work in 45 minutes, so I got ready real quick drove to work and realized my gun was still in its case under the seat, I said to myself it will be ok, so I pushed it under the passenger seat, locked my door and went to punch in. I worked from 1:30pm to 10pm that night, I left work went home and pulled into my driveway, I reached underĀ  my seat only to discover the gun in its case was gone. I freaked and starting tearing my car apart as well as my house, with no luck on either part I called the police and filed a report, the next day, I knew it was gonna be a double edged sword, I reported the stolen item as a personal item that was stolen from my car, to Targets Asset Protection. I never revealed what the item was cause I knew if they found out what it was I was done for.

I talked with AP and they told me in these words “there isn’t anything we can really do, because the parking lot is not our property.” A little bummed I carried on working for weeks, until one day I was summoned to the HR office by a manager. I sat down and was being informed that I was being terminated from the company. I was shocked and appalled by this, because I did not understand how or when they found out what was in my car.

2 days later I returned to pickup my final check, while I was talking with the HR she informed me the reason I was being let go was because I had violated the companies policy by bringing a prohibited weapon on Target Property. But wait a sec, I believe I was told 2 days earlier that the parking lot wasn’t part of their property, so they are making up stories to justify my termination. I called them on this and said, “You told me the parking lot was not your property.” their response, “That is not true, you are hearing things.” Ok so now I’m lying and they are the good guys, you see how well this works.

After my check, I filed for unemployment through TWC, and awaited a response. I got my response roughly about a week later, which said that I was not eligible to receive unemployment due to the nature in which I was fired. So now I am out of a job and will not receiveĀ  any type of income, goes to show how greedy Target is. So I filed an appeal and had my day in phone court, with the HR, and The appeals Commission which I had good hopes I would get something done. But go figure Target one-ups me and lies to the commission stating that I had kept the gun in my car on a regular basis, which was a lie, they also told the commission that I had bragged about it to other team members, which was also a lie, which I called them on. I told the commission that these statements were complete lies and that the company was justifying themselves by lying about me.

In the end after 3 appeals I gave up because Target was gonna win no matter what. On the final appeal during the closing statements, I was asked if I had anything to say, naturally I said “I just wanted to say that, I hope no one else suffers an injustice like I have at the hands of a greedy, no good, thieving ass, self-centered company, who doesn’t give two sh**s about anyone, but themselves, thank you and have a good day *click*.

I wasn’t angry about the gun getting stolen, I was more irritated that Target had lied to win this appeals case and make sure I cant work for them anymore. My gun was never recovered, my car was burglarized, and I got screwed, long story short dont work for this greedy corporation, get canned and try to fight for unemployment


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  • natgabe716 says:

    fuck target

  • reevetuesti says:

    Some States are starting to put through Legislation that opens the door for a FLOOD of Lawsuits for companies who prohibit carrying a firearm... Texas I believe is one of them. I know this isn't much Consolation, but FUCK TARGET. I'LL CARRY MINE EVERY DAY, IF THEY WANT TO FIRE ME, FUCK IT. Go right ahead. I'm already enough of their slave as it is. Without a firearm, there is nor would be any Freedom. Fuck them.

  • learntoread says:

    that's funny. no firearms=no freedom.

    but ANYWAY. the parking lot is NOT target property... so while i don't agree that you should have left your gun in your car, i do agree that it was not under target's jurisdiction to fire you.

  • smiles_inappropriately says:

    I'm wondering, just who do you think stole your gun? Did they ever tell you how they found out you had one in your car?

    Do you think it was Target that had broke into your vehicle and taken it, or someone else and someone they found out that person had it?

  • butterfly888 says:

    I am so glad that I am not the only one going through all the bull crap with this company! TY for this posting, I am not alone with my fight!

  • ms_independent says:

    wow i think it's amazing that ap told you that the parking lot was not their property and thus they couldn't do anything about your gun, because a tl at our store was just fired a week or so ago for being off the clock, not wearing target clothing or nametag, and having an altercation with a guest in the parking lot. they said the parking lot is target property and thus she was in violation of store policy. hmmm...

    • TargetSucks says:

      It is a case by case situation. Some stores own the lot their on, others are leased from property management companies. That aside, Target is full of shit and will make up an excuse to do whatever they want, whenever they want.


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