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June 19, 2012 - jonnieboy

blistering inhumanity & arrogance

So, I worked for another “big box” retail operation for 4 years, and I can tell that Target and the other big box are the two most inhumane, despicable organizations on earth. My fiancé was hired through one of Target’s shell employment agencies 9 months ago to come in and manage a wreck of a department that was wasting tons of money on stupid mistakes and gross errors. With her stellar personality and and incredible tool kit, she succeeded in bringing about some order and good process to a clusterf*ck situation, and started getting huge projects done beautifully, with little or no error. The proof in the pudding were the several  Target vendors who courteously thanked her for her dedication to normalcy and process. After nine months of blood, sweat & near tears, she was stricken with a disease she had carried since childhood, requiring life-saving surgery, almost a month in the hospital and several months of restricted activity to ensure an effective healing process. Today, she was ignobly notified by the shell employment agency that her personal belongings had been boxed up and were to be delivered to the shell employment agency where  she would need to pick them up.


The principal list of complaints:

1. Target has blatantly refused to accept any responsibility for her short or long term disability, reminding her that the contract she was forced to sign with the shell employment agency denied her of any and all benefits.

2. Target is just another soulless, piece of shit corporation, that believes that it can arrogantly and indiscriminately f*ck contractors over with no fear of reprisal or damaging pr. I surly hate to disappoint. Hoping the State’s Atty General is not being paid off by Target, you know, huge PAC donations to keep the lid off of the kettle.

Even contractors are people, you know.


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