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December 2, 2015 - RedCardMan

Black Friday workers expected to work 5.5 hours before they get a break!

This year with new management something new was tried: all employees with more than a year under their belt were scheduled for 11 to 12 shifts on Thursday… AND EXPECTED TO RETURN FOR WORK SOMETIME FRIDAY AS WELL!

Many also were scheduled Saturday and Sunday (today) as well. Seasonal hires only began a week or two ago and filled the selling floor with no idea how to respond to guests questions. One friend had to work from 6pm Thursday until 4am Friday, and return to work at 3pm later that day!

In previous years, employees were scheduled Thursday over night OR Friday  Рnot both.

But more obnoxious and disrespectful of all, employees on these long shifts ¬†were expected to work 5.5 hours straight before they received their first break because management decided it was better to combine the two fifteens into on 30 minute break. Bordering on illegal, this was at least disrespectful. I can’t stand in one spot and cashier for longer than 3 hours before my back begins to give out. Our new TLs behave like employees are robots, wind them up and go. No deviation. I thought I’d seen some crummy behavior before but this took the cake.

Word to the wise, it doesn’t have to be tolerated. There isn’t much management can do if you tell them NO when they are being unreasonable. There are different strategies for hiring and scheduling and the type I’ve listed above is simply lazy.


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  • viciousdave says:

    I would of said no, no no. But anyways my store is bad but nothing as drastic as yours is you've described. No way. I don't do much anyway as I have too many health problems of hearing loss big time and extreme fatigue from a brain tumor. But when I was fine there was way too much crap.

  • Rehire says:

    Combining the 2 15s to a half hour is totally and completely against Target policy, per the team member handbook...... I'd be calling the hotline on that one....

  • RedcardWarrior says:

    When I used to work here Black Friday was the day that I decided that I had enough, and that was years ago. I can only imagine how bad it must be now.

  • xfreakygamer says:

    That's a norm. At my store. I worked wed 8 hours. Thur 5pm-1:30am. Then Friday 8am-6pm. And sat and Sunday 8 hour shifts. It's been like this for the 3 years I've been there :/. Sucks.


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